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Hotel Renovator Patch 3 Arrives with Bug Fixes, Kawaii DLC, and Free Wallpapers

Hotel Renovator, the popular simulation game that lets players design, renovate, and manage their own hotels, has just released Patch 3, addressing numerous bugs and issues reported by the game’s community. The update also brings improved controller support and fixes localization problems.

Hotel Renovator Patch 3 Notes

  • Fixed the Party Time quest bug where it appeared without any objectives.
  • Fixed the bug causing multiple purchases of floors while using the controller.
  • Fixed the Price of Service bug while having multiple new save files in Sandbox Mode.
  • Language for Chinese have been changed to zh-Hans, zh-Hant – Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. The code we previously used with intention to symbolize Chinese Traditional was interpreted by the engine as Chinese Taipei.
  • Eliminated some additional localization issues.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Elevator Malfunction Random Event to not trigger on additional floors.
  • Fixed gaps between deco actors.
  • Fixed the spawning of the wallet in Lost Wallet Random Event.
  • The pop-up about missing DLC can now be closed using a controller.
  • Improved controller support, though Dual Sense controllers are still not fully supported.
  • Fixed the progress issue with renovation of room 104 concerning the style suggestion: Shades of Mauve Pink
  • Fixed an issue causing the Lost Wallet random event to become impossible to fail.
  • Fixed the UI issues when quitting before selling the painting in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed the Villas cleaning task tracking.
  • Added missing names to some objects.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Pause Menu to block while using the controller.
  • Fixed the issue with the Chicken disappearing after quitting to desktop during Dice Battle Random Event.
  • Fixed the issue with room 202 causing part of the room to stay closed.
  • Fixed the bug causing the lobby ceiling to continue being painted after going to the first floor.
  • Removed the issue causing the office walls to flicker after painting them.
  • Fixed the Wealthy Gentleman quest objectives in the journal.
  • Fixed the bug causing Room 103 to display only 1 diamond ranking instead of 2.
  • Fixed issues with room plates displaying wrong numbers when adding additional floors.
  • Fixed the issue preventing the Office wall covering from being fully destroyed with crowbar and hammer.
  • Eliminated the issue causing certain actions and tool sound to not be affected by volume settings.
  • Fixed the issue causing some parts of the walls next to the double windows to be impossible to cover.
  • Fixed additional localization issues causing the text not to fit the frame in some languages.
  • Fixed issues causing the UI to remain on-screen during cutscenes.
  • Fixed the issue with piles of trash levitating on the roof terrace.

Free Wallpapers!

As a bonus, we have added 10 free wallpapers for you, which can be found in the KAWAII category! Give them a try; we’re sure they will brighten up your room designs.


The Kawaii Furniture Set DLC includes cute furniture pieces, including beds, chairs, dressers, wardrobes, and more, all designed with cute and colorful patterns and details that will surely delight you and your guests. Whether you want to give your hotel rooms a fun and playful vibe or add cute accents to your existing decor, this DLC has everything you need.

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