Immortals of Aveum Debuting This July

To be an elite Triarch Magnus is a dream come true, at least that is the goal in the upcoming game titled Immortals of Aveum.

Announced by Electronic Arts and Ascendant Studios, the game titled Immortals of Aveum is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store and EA App) on July 20th, 2023. Players can purchase the game for $69.99.

Just as almost any game has, this one has a Deluxe Edition too, and a very packed one to be honest. The Deluxe Edition will be available for $79.99, and it will have the following items:

  • Purified Arclight – A unique blue sigil that will unleash more power for Jak’s blue Strike spells and Shatter Fury spell.
  • Triarch’s Wrath – Can be equipped as either Jak’s red, green, or blue sigil and boosts critical hit damage.
  • Immortals Ring – Increases Shred against all three colors of magic.
  • Ring of Rasharn – Increases spell damage for all three colors of magic.
  • Aristeyan Ring – Boosts Fury damage for all three colors of magic.
  • Bracer of the Colossal – Bestows increased Armor and Healing Crystal recovery.
  • Sky Island Gauntlet – Increases Armor and Shield Health, while decreasing Dodge cooldown.
  • Dresnyr Lens – Increases Spellbreak damage and boosts the overall power of red magic spells.
  • Lucian Chain – Increases the overall power of blue magic and decreases the cooldown of Lash control spells.
  • Vial of the Pentacade – Increases the duration of Limpet control spells and boosts overall green magic power.

A fun game about Jak and his life after joining the order of Immortals.

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