Monster Energy Into Legal Battle With Capcom And Pokemon Franchise Over One Word

We as humans have been witnesses to many public legal battles, some big some small. But the ones that are most interesting are the ones that are total nonsense.

Recently, the energy drink company named Monster Energy has “activated” a legal battle against the Pokemon franchise and Capcom due to, get this, the use of the word “Monster”. As Monster Energy sees this, no company should be using the word “Monster” in their trademark, because it might (highlight on the word “might”) confuse people. As we said, total nonsense.

Nonetheless, that trademark complaint has been dismissed, and Monster Energy has managed to lose every complaint that they have filed in Japan. As reported, there are numerous complaints from Monster Energy for other companies, including Monster Hunter, due to the word “Monster”, but we will see how those will turn out.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with us?

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