MW2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 3 is full of Bugs and Issues, Upcoming Fixes and more

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 3 has officially launched, bringing an overload of new content to enjoy. However, amidst the hype, the update has also unleashed several issues, controversies, and game-breaking bugs, including an unkillable player glitch. Infinity Ward is working diligently to address these problems, adding several new cards to their official Trello board that detail upcoming fixes.


  • [Special Ops] We’re investigating an issue preventing solo queuing into Cooperative Missions.
  • We’re investigating an issue causing the latency widget to display an incorrect number. This does not reflect actual latency and has no impact on gameplay.
  • We’re investigating an issue some Players are facing that affects access to the Battle Pass once purchased.


  • Ranked Play: A visual disparity will be present at the start of Season 03. Players will see that they are Rank 1, Bronze I in locations visible to other players, which may be inaccurate.
    • What to expect when the issue is fixed:
      • Once the fix is deployed, players can expect to see that the incorrect information will automatically update to the player’s Rank and Division, reflecting any progress gained before the fix.
  • Ranked Play: Some players did not receive their intended Rewards in the Season 02-03 transition.

As for the god mode bug, check the tweet below:

While the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 3 has been met with great excitement, introducing new bugs and issues has caused frustration among players. Infinity Ward is working hard to address these concerns. Stay tuned for more updates and news on these issues! Much love! <3

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  1. Its stopped my controller working on any game that’s installed on my PS4 the X button wont work. So PS4 is inoperable after this update. X works fine in System menus etc. Help!

  2. I can’t get my ammo box in dmz, I equipped it but everytime I spawn in it’s never there and everyone I play with has the same issue. But I have to say I love the update

  3. The Game is already half sh!tty with plenty of areas needing fixing before season 3 and then there’s these bugs and glitches that jus start happening because of season 3. It’s clear no matter who to blame at Activision, at the end of the day they’re only out to make money off a half finished, glitch riddled app- not give us a finished polished product, that’s why there’s like 70 different $20 bundle packs shoved down your throat in pop up advertisement ads right there in the main menus and there’s maps that we’ve gotten for DLC that are just re-skins of old recycled maps and the majority of the”new” guns except for 2(sniper and battle rifle)are just reskins of the main guns in the game. the newest bundle is $30 and we can’t use cod points to purchase whether u earned them or even flat out bought points already before this… this new bundle is straight credit card cash No real effort in this release, all cash grab. 2 maps and 2 operator skins are what we got free after $75 for the game and over $100 for vault edition and they want 30 more dollars for the “premium” skins that don’t give anything new but appearance for the player( which u hardly ever see in game while playing). Even the 2 measly new guns have to be BOUGHT through sh!tty battle pass.

    1. I can’t even play the game, I play 2-4 games and I get this message saying I don’t have the dlc, so I go into manage apps and everything is still installed. I rest my xbox and game; the only thing that works is literally uninstalling the whole game to reinstall it, to once again only b able to play 2-4 games, I seem to b the only one out of my friend group having the issue, but it’s annoying I payed $110 for a game I can’t even play, with the DLC problem not one part of the game works I can’t even adjust my load out because I don’t have the DLC apparently. I should not have to uninstall the game and reinstall it every day this is just out rages

  4. Anyone else experiencing voice services failing after matches? Then not being able to get in another match? This kept happening to my friends and I on resurgence.

  5. After the update my friends list went to shit and I can’t join, invite or hear anyone. I can’t unmute anyone either. On top of that when I click on a friend or anyone in general it’s all locked and says that, that player is offline when I can clearly see that they are on. I can’t receive or send invites. This game is a complete total waste of shit. I’m beginning to just hate cod all around. An overpriced, glitchy bug ass game.

  6. I can’t even load the game on pc I keep getting a DirectX error and the game crashes have download the game on both steam and battle net for both to have the exact same issue.

  7. Its kicked me out of ranked play 3 times now while I was playing and then proceeded to take sr from me… Thats ridiculous

  8. I can’t change operators or my load out! Every time I try the game kicks me back to the main menu!!! I have the medic vest which does nothing no quick review fast plate change nothing any idea how to fix this?

  9. new BR the headshots dont count towards my polyatomic camo challenge and the gold and platinum mastery challenge kills arent counting… i cant get orion with it ….also the new sniper says i have completed gold and platinum mastery kill challenges but i dont even have it gold yet???? kinda frustrating when trying to have all orion and all mastered

  10. Well I have downloaded DMZ and Warzone 24 times in a row, but as soon as it is installed and i hit dmz it says i am missing the content. Go to manage data and boom it is not installed, hit install again. 10 mins of download as soon as it is done, it says not installed on the top of the data again. Lmfao, I just want my money back at this point.

  11. after last update game starts up installed the in game update says not installed every time after installing game is useless now dmz doesn’t work nothing only menu

    also mission death from above is also broken after buying the mortarstrike from the shop and used it one time it doesn’t work after that and can complete the mission

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