Naughty Dog Announces Hotfix and Upcoming Patch for The Last of Us on PC

Naughty Dog Prioritizes PC Fixes for The Last of Us Part I Over Steam Deck Optimization.

Naughty Dog, the developer behind the critically acclaimed game The Last of Us Part I, has announced a new hotfix scheduled for release on PC tomorrow, followed by a more extensive patch to launch on Friday. The developer shared the news on Twitter and assured fans that they are working on improving the game’s PC version before submitting it for Steam Deck verification.

Furthermore, Naughty Dog has announced that it is focusing on fixing the performance issues of The Last of Us Part I on PC before working on optimizing the game for Steam Deck. The developer shared this decision addressing concerns from players regarding the PC port’s poor performance and frequent crashes.

The PC port of The Last of Us Part I has faced heavy criticism for poor performance and frequent crashes. On the contrary, Steam Deck players have reported issues like low frame rates on the lowest settings.

Before the game’s release, both Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann and Valve had indicated that the game would work on Steam Deck. Sadly, it did not turn out very well. However, the developer has now stated that it prioritizes fixing the PC version before moving on to Steam Deck optimization and verification.

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