Overwatch 2 Devs Working on Smoother Transitions for Support Hero Lifeweaver

The Overwatch 2 team is exploring alternative control methods for the newly introduced Support hero, Lifeweaver, in an effort to improve the gameplay experience. As Season 4 of Overwatch 2 is now live, Lifeweaver is available for all Premium Battle Pass owners. However, players have raised concerns regarding the character’s kit, specifically the clunky transition between healing and damage dealing. Game director Aaron Keller has acknowledged these concerns, and the team is working on solutions to make the gameplay smoother.

Aaron Keller tweeted that the development team is “looking into alternative control methods for Lifeweaver’s dash and weapon swap to make the transition from healing to damage smoother. Additional details and timing are coming soon.” The current control scheme can feel unintuitive for players who need to charge Lifeweaver’s heal to maximize its benefits while also dealing damage. It seems the developers are listening and actively working on a more seamless experience for this Support hero.

In addition to the control issues, there have been concerns about Lifeweaver’s Ultimate ability, Tree of Life. The Ultimate blocks the line of sight and serves as a barrier that can heal allies, but it is considered somewhat underwhelming compared to other AoE healing abilities. It remains to be seen if the Overwatch 2 team will also adjust this aspect of Lifeweaver’s kit before the hero enters Ranked mode.

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