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Pokemon Go and Niantic Forgot about April 2023 Field Research, Players are not Seeing any New Tasks

Update: Trainers, new Field Research tasks are now available in the game (as of April 3, 2023), so feel free to check the list here.

Previous Story: Trainers, a new month is underway, but the Field Research tasks are the same. Yes, that’s right, Niantic didn’t release new Field Research tasks.

Every new month, Pokemon Go players receive a new set of Field Research tasks. That’s how it was until this month, April 2023, when for the first time since they launched this feature, it happened that we didn’t get new tasks.

Usually, on the first day of the month, they would change and add new Field Research tasks. It would appear they messed up again, and there are no new Field Research tasks for this month.

Completing a Field Research task is another way (among many), and the easiest, to get what you need to satisfy your needs in Pokemon Go. Meaning that completing a Field Research task will reward you PokeBalls, Stardust, Pokemon encounters and so on.

For the ones that are just beginning with the game, and do not know what are these and how to get them, the simplest way to explain is that a Field Research task is the easiest way of getting items that you might need to evolve a Pokemon, to power up a Pokemon or to even catch a Pokemon. To get a Field Research task you need to spin the Disc of the nearest PokeStop, and if it seems that the task you have gotten is a little bit harder, you can delete it and try again for a different one.

After completing a Field Research task, you will get a stamp. Collecting 7 stamps will grant you more important rewards and an encounter with the monthly Breakthrough Pokemon.

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  1. The “take 6 snapshots of wild Pokemon” is new for April. Got one the other day, the reward is mankey

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