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Pokemon Go Elite Raids Catch Rate Nerf to 2%

Trainers, the last Elite Raid event is over and reports are coming in saying that Niantic and Pokemon Go nerfed the catch rate for Elite Raids.

Elite Raids are a new type of Raid Battle introduced in Pokemon Go. Firstly introduced in October 2022, the first Elite Raid Boss was Hoopa Unbound. Regarding the Elite Raid Egg, unlike the rest of the Raids, this type of Egg takes 24 hours to hatch, i.e a whole day. Another difference between Elite Raids and the other Raids is that an Elite Raid can only be battled in person.

As a newly added feature, Elite Raids are supposed to be fun and exciting with different Raid Bosses, and better catch rates. Instead, we had Hoopa Unbound three times. Regidrago and the last Elite Raid event introduced Regieleki, with a 2-3% catch rate.

During the last Elite Raid event we had a chance to battle and catch Regieleki. However, just when we thought they will increase the catch rate, because of the Remote Raid changes as some kind of compensation, they lowered it from 5-6% to 2-3% catch rate. Reports say that a lot of players needed a longer time to catch the Elite Raid Boss.  The same happened during the Regidrago Elite Raids, so it seems like these are the forever-to-stay numbers.

Many players didn’t catch Regidrago and Regieleki during the Elite Raid events and say they won’t bother spending another weekend on something that’s impossible to catch.

Did you experience the same issues? Did you catch Regidrago and/or Regieleki? We would like to hear from you, so please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. My issue was you had a limited window to battle and catch him for each of the time slots. It’s not like we all have the whole day worth with friends to battle this Pokémon. I had the first window open with friends & took us a while to gather to battle one. Of the 8 of us, only 1 caught him. Then because the raids aren’t well organized by Niantic, we had to travel across town for the another & by then we ran out of time.

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