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Pokemon Go New Ban Wave Targets Legit Players?

Update: This Pokemon Go player was among the first legit players who got their account suspended. They contacted support and here is the reply.

Ban Appeal Notice: They didn’t provide any details why this person’s account has been suspended for 30 days.

Previous Story: Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go released a new ban wave, but this time it looks like they made a big mistake. Why, you may ask. Well, many legit players reported getting banned for 30 days.

A new ban wave has been sent by Pokemon Go and Niantic, which is good. It would’ve been better if they kept the legit players aside and banned those who use 3rd party apps. Well, many legit accounts now have a 30-day ban, and many of these banned legit accounts have been playing since day 1.

PokeAK is the first to report on Twitter. The Tweet reached many people, legit players who also got the 30-day ban as well. Here are some of the comments.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are silent, but we expect to see an announcement/explanation soon. There must be a reason behind this, hopefully, some bug, so everyone can go back and enjoy Pokemon Go once again.

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  1. I HATE the cheaters which make the game not fun. There are still cheaters in this game. How do I know this? I am a quick runner and I have walking / running 10+ miles daily since playing pokemon. If it took me 20 mins to go from one gym to another, no one can run the same distance for less than 4 mins. Besides these gyms are at the top of the mountain requiring lift to go up and the lifts are closed at 7:30 pm until 9 am. Unless a ghost plays pokemon, no one should clear out 6 full health pokemon at 11 pm under 4 mins. And I need just 1 more day to get gold. I am supporting Niantic to wipe out the cheaters.

    1. unless said mountain is in the middle of a heavily populated city no one is spoofing there to take out one gym. were all in major cities.

    2. Unfortunately, Niantic is notorious for false bans. Please don’t vilify players like myself that are caught up in faulty software. You might not understand until it happens to you, since we cant always believe everyone on the internet. Thanks

  2. Legit players get caught up in every single ban wave. Dont even know why Niantic blocks based on 3rd party apps anymore, they in-game safeguards are pretty strict as is. Spoofers arent jumping all over the world anymore, we all stick to walking san francisco or nyc because of the safeguards.

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