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Pokemon Go PokeAK Reveals More Info About Master Ball and Shadow Raids

Trainers, PokeAK shared intriguing info about the new item Master Ball and the Shadow Raids on his official Youtube channel.

PokeAK, a well-known Pokemon Go player and content creator, shared a video, revealing details about the upcoming Master Ball and Shadow Raids. He also revealed info about the Pokemon Go Plus Plus device, so feel free to check out the video below.

According to PokeAK, the Master Ball won’t be available for purchase from the in-game shop. The Master Ball must be earned, and to earn it, you must complete quests and eventually get it. The Master Ball is supposed to catch any Pokemon, and you can use it only once.

Regarding the Pokemon Go Plus Plus device, PokeAK said that the new device will monitor your sleep. Players can use Great Ball, and Ultra Ball, unlike the Go Plus. The Pokemon Go Plus Plus will be available in the summer.

Now, for last, we have the Shadow Raids. The Shadow Raids are a new type of Raids coming soon to Pokemon Go. PokeAK mentioned collecting fragments as part of a whole new experience, and the interesting thing is that these Shadow Gem Fragments have been recently discovered in the Pokemon Go GM file, the Shadow Gem and the Shadow Gem fragment. Players had some wild speculation that we all want to come out as true. Check it out:

  • You need to collect 5 Shadow Gem fragments to make a Shadow Gem, just like the Mysterious Component and the Rocket Radar
  • Shadow Gem fragments can be obtained when defeating and purifying Shadow Pokemon
  • Or maybe we must collect Shadow Fragments to turn any Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon. Making/creating our own Shadow Pokemon will be great

Which one do you like more?

PokeAK is one of the greatest Pokemon Go content creators, so we recommend checking out his latest video about the Master Ball and the Shadow Raids.

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  1. At least give credit to Pokeminers for gathering this data & releasing it on Twitter. They contribute more to the community.

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