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Pokemon Go Streak Broken Message Resets A Mystic Hero Special Research Progress

Update: Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go acknowledged their mistake and they will be autocompleting step 3 of the A Mystic Hero Special Research.

Previous Story: Pokemon Go players are receiving a “broken streak” message, and after logging in, it resets A Mystic Hero Special Research progress. This is no fun at Niantic. As we get one step closer to enjoyment, you are pushing us back again and again, so please fix this issue as soon as possible, so we can all enjoy the game.

Pokemon Go players are losing progress and step 3/4 of the A Mystic Hero Special Research resets all tasks to zero. Players are reporting losing all excellent throws after the game crashed and getting the streak broken message. Players who received the broken streak message must start all over again and are not very happy about it.

Here are some comments from the Pokemon Go community on Twitter:

This has happened to a lot of Pokemon Go players and Niantic needs to do something about it.

Did the same happen to you? Did you lose A Mystic Hero Research progress, and now you must start all over again? Not cool at all Niantic.

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    1. Your tone is kinda implying that other players deserve this cuz unlike you, they didn’t get through in one go. Is that what you mean to say?

      1. Hi there and thanks for your comment. No one deserves to lose something (in our case the Special Research progress), especially if someone paid for something. We have also shared all steps and tasks, which means we have successfully completed them. It doesn’t matter now, as Niantic and Pokemon Go have replied and confirmed they will be auto-completing step 3. I’m really sorry if I’ve got misunderstood. Thanks again, and have a great day.

  1. I had the problem but I did not care about it cus I’m not doing it again. The compensation was nice for me cus I did not try to finish the mission.

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