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Pokemon Go Swinub Community Day Classic Special Research Quest Storyline

Trainers, the fifth Community Day Classic event in Pokemon Go starts this Saturday. You will have a chance to catch Swinub, shiny Swinub, complete new Community Day Timed, and Special Research, and enjoy the event-exclusive bonuses.

The Swinub Community Day Classic marks the fifth CD Classic event in Pokemon Go. The event starts on April 29, 2023, from 2-5 PM local time. Swinub will appear more often in the wild and the chances of encountering shiny Swinub will be increased to 1 in 25. Also, don’t forget to evolve into Mamoswine and learn the Charged Attack Ancient Power.

New Field Research tasks, Timed Research, and a pay-to-play Special Research will be available, and thanks to the miners, we now have the storyline. Oh, and I almost forgot, the Swinub Community Day Classic Special Research has four stages.

Swinub Community Day Classic Special Research Storyline

Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%!

Have you noticed all the Swinub out today? I wonder if there’s something they find enticing buried around here.

After all, Swinub rub their snouts on the ground to find and dig up food. Their favorite food is mushrooms that grow under dead grass.

In fact, in ancient times, the people of Hisui relied on this skill.

Best we don’t interrupt any Swinub mid-snuffle, but we can still spend some time observing them.

You’re right, some mushroom soup does sound good, Meltan

Ah, %PLAYERNAME%! Welcome back! Though I should’ve heard you coming with those sniffing Swinub behind you.

Swinub’s Evolution, Piloswine, also has a sensitive nose. And their thick coat of long hair helps them endure freezing cold.

Sounds cozy, doesn’t it? Maybe I should take a hint and grow my beard out during the winter months…

Ahem. You’re right – I’m sure their hair is different from mine. The cold is nothing a good parka can’t fix, anyway!

Let’s have a look at Piloswine in person.

Is that a walking coat or a Piloswine, %PLAYERNAME%?

Aw, not even a chuckle? I didn’t expect my joke to get such a chilly reception! Haha.

I’ll make it up to you with a cool fact – Piloswine’s Evolution, Mamoswine, has tusks made of ice! As the weather grows colder, its ice tusks grow longer, thicker, and more impressive.

What do you think Mamoswine’s tusks will look like on a day like this?

Great work, %PLAYERNAME%! Mamoswine’s tusks really are impressive!

It’s hard to imagine anything could get the better of a Pokémon this sturdy. In fact, this Pokémon has been around a long, looong time.

I recently read that a frozen Mamoswine was dug up from soil dating back 10,000 years ago. And it woke up, to my amazement!

In a way, seeing a Mamoswine today is like looking back in time.

What other Pokémon that we see today were also around then? How have they changed?

All fascinating questions that require further research to answer. But what we’ve observed of Swinub, Piloswine, and Mamoswine today is a great start.

Think on it as you go about the rest of your day, and come back soon to tell me your theories! But until then, thanks for spending the day with me.

Let’s GO!

Good luck on your journey Trainers, and let’s catch ’em all.

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