Pokemon Stadium to Arrive on Nintendo Switch Online on April 12th

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers are in for a treat as the popular Nintendo 64 game, Pokemon Stadium, is confirmed to be coming to the platform on April 12th, 2023. Fans of the beloved series can now relive the classic Pokemon battling experience with updated accessibility.

Last year in September, Nintendo announced plans to bring the acclaimed battle arena game to Nintendo Switch Online’s library, and now the release date has finally been revealed. Pokemon Stadium, initially launched in 1999, will be available to all Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers, offering single-player and multiplayer modes.

The game will feature various battling modes and mini-games, allowing players to enjoy the full Pokemon Stadium experience. Unfortunately, there will be no connectivity with other games, meaning players cannot transfer their Pokemon into the game.

In addition to Pokemon Stadium, the Pokemon GO Spring into Spring event is rolling out globally, from 10:00 local time today to 20:00 local time on April 10th. This event introduces new Pokemon such as Cutiefly, Ribombee, Cherry Blossom Pikachu, Cherry Blossom Eevee, and their respective evolutions. Full details of the event, including a Collection Challenge and Field Research, can be found in the Spring into Spring event section.

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