Redfall’s Decision to Keep Denuvo DRM Despite Backlash Raises Concerns Ahead of Launch

The anticipated Arkane title, Redfall, is sticking with controversial Denuvo DRM, even as the game's always-online requirement causes worry for gamers.

As Arkane Studios‘ upcoming title, Redfall, approaches its launch next month, excitement among gamers has been dampened by the decision to include Denuvo DRM despite the significant backlash. The DRM technology, notorious for its potentially negative impact on game performance and requiring a constant internet connection, has left many questioning the wisdom of this move.

Denuvo DRM is a third-party anti-tamper technology used in games to combat cheating and piracy. However, its inclusion has been controversial, particularly among PC gamers, who believe it can severely impact game performance. The most prominent example of this was seen with Resident Evil Village, where a cracked version of the game without Denuvo ran noticeably smoother than the official release. Village eventually dropped Denuvo DRM post-launch, a common practice for games that initially implement it.

Another significant concern with Redfall’s inclusion of Denuvo DRM is its requirement for a constant internet connection, even for single-player gameplay. This is particularly problematic for gamers without a stable broadband connection. Arkane Studios has promised to explore options for allowing Redfall to be played offline, but with Denuvo DRM still in place close to launch day, many are worried that the always-online requirement will persist.

I know you think Denuvo should not be a part of Redfall, as it will provide a much better gameplay experience as such. However, as with every other developer, combating piracy is a must.

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