Sony Reaching Impressive Revenue Sales, Most Of Them In Q4

Sony is on a roll after finally resolving some issues regarding the newest PlayStation 5 console, and the announced revenue number is quite impressive.

The fiscal year that ended on March 31st, 2023, shows that Sony has managed to ship 19 million units until March 2023, and this is thanks to the availability of the PlayStation 5 console, which had a lot of problems in the early days of the release. We all know how that went down.

Biggest success was seen in Sony’s Game & Network Services division, under which is PlayStation 5. Just in Q4, the unit sales for PS5 went up 215%, nearly double the number of PS4 units sold in Q4. It looks like Q4 2023 is the best period for Sony.

Here are the numbers, for the ones that are more interested:

Ending March 31, 2023

  • Total sales: ¥11.5 trillion ($84.5 billion, up 16% year-on-year)
  • Operating income: ¥1.2 trillion ($8.8 billion, 0% change)
  • Income before income taxes: ¥1.2 trillion ($8.8 billion, up 6%)

Game & Network Services (incl. PlayStation)

  • Sales: ¥3.6 trillion ($26.5 billion, up 33%)
  • Operating income: ¥250 billion ($1.8 billion, down 28%)
  • PlayStation 5 units shipped: 19.1 million (up 66%)

Q4 FY2022

  • Total sales: ¥3.1 trillion ($22.8 billion, up 35%)
  • Operating income: ¥128.5 billion ($944.3 million, down 7%)
  • Income before income taxes: ¥144.6 billion ($1.1 billion, up 61%)


  • Sales: ¥1.1 trillion ($8.1 billion, up 61%)
  • Operating income: ¥38.9 billion ($285.9 million, down 55%)
  • PlayStation 5 units shipped: 6.3 million (up 215%)
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers: 47.4 million (0% change)
  • Monthly Active Users: 108 million (up 2%)

Another fact, Sony revealed that their physical game sales brought revenue of ¥193.4 billion ($1.4 billion) which is an increase of 50%, while the digital full-game sales marked an increase of 16% (¥660.9 million; $5 billion). Nearly 67% of game sales belong to digital games.

It was stated by Sony that there has been some decrease in sales regarding the third-party games, as well as a noted impact on the cost increase due to everything happening right now.

All in all, Sony continues to be one of the biggest companies right now, and we hope that this trend will stay as it is, or maybe even better and higher at the end of March 31st, 2024.

What do you think about these numbers? Do you own a PlayStation 5 console?

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