Sony’s New Patent Hints at Controller with Temperature Control and Enhanced Haptic Feedback

Sony recently filed a patent that suggests the company is exploring a new controller with advanced haptic feedback and temperature control capabilities. While patents don’t always translate into commercial products, the development could point to an exciting new direction for the company’s future gaming controllers.

The patented controller features an “elastically deformable” material, described as a more malleable, gel-like substance rather than traditional plastic. This material could enhance haptic feedback experiences by more accurately representing the texture of virtual objects in a game space.

Additionally, the patent outlines using a temperature control apparatus, such as a Peltier element, which can electrically change temperature. This technology could simulate the in-game temperature of objects players encounter, presenting a warm or cold sensation depending on the context.

The controller’s design includes an elastic member from a macromolecular gel material or various elastomers. This houses or has a circuit section on its front surface consisting of a sensor and an input/output circuit section. The sensor can detect a user’s contact with or deforming action of the elastic member, outputting an electrical signal based on this interaction to the input/output circuit section.

Multiple sensors can be placed within the elastic member to detect deformation and pressure applied to the sensors. These sensors can output signals indicating the magnitude and direction of the detected pressures or the state and magnitude of the deformation. As the company has a history of innovation with its controllers, it’s possible that this technology could make its way into future Sony products.

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