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Spreading Cheer Togetic Community Day Special Research Quest Storyline

Trainers, the next Community Day event starts this Saturday, featuring Togetic, shiny Togetic, event-exclusive bonuses, Community Day Special Research story, Timed Research, and other cool stuff.

The Pokemon Go April 2023 Community Day featuring Togetic is right around the corner, and w have the text regarding the Special Research story Spreading Cheer. To access the Togetic Special Research story you must get a ticket (currently available in the shop), and you must play during the specified time to receive all the special event bonuses.

Spreading Cheer has four different steps, each step having different tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. That said, let’s take a look at the storyline below.

Spreading Cheer Special Research Story Text

There you are! I had a feeling I’d see you today, %PLAYERNAME%.

Look at all the Togetic fluttering around. I’ve never seen so many at once!

Togetic is said to be a Pokémon that brings good fortune, and what better fortune could I have than running into you?

Let’s see what other good things lie in store for us as we continue observing these Togetic.

Your Togetic is positively glowing, %PLAYERNAME%! Could that glow be from Togetic’s distinctive joy dust?

You see, research says that Togetic appear in front of kindly people to scatter a glowing down called "joy dust,” showering them with happiness.

What practical applications could there be for joy dust? Will Pokémon and humans feel joy upon seeing it?

We researchers have yet to answer these questions. Just thinking of the possibilities is filling me with happiness!

But, first things first. A kindhearted Trainer—or Professor—doesn’t forget to take care of Pokémon.

Let’s share some happiness with Togetic by feeding them some Berries, %PLAYERNAME%!

Nice work, %PLAYERNAME%. Those Togetic look positively jubilant.

Speaking of being jubilant, let me tell you about Togetic’s Evolution, Togekiss! It’s also known as the Jubilee Pokémon.

Togekiss share their many blessings with people who respect one another’s rights and avoid needless strife. It sounds like quite the wonderful Pokémon to have around.

I bet you’d have no trouble evolving Togetic into a Togekiss of your own. Why not give it a try?

Amazing, %PLAYERNAME%! You’ve evolved Togetic into your very own Togekiss!

These Pokémon are never seen anywhere near conflict or turmoil. It’s been depicted on good-luck charms since ancient times.

Speaking of bygone times, a researcher from long ago wrote, “After studying what literature remains, I am certain Togekiss will reveal itself when peace reigns over the land.”

I know I’m filled with peace and happiness whenever you reveal yourself to help with my research.

Thanks for spending another day with me, %PLAYERNAME%. Until next time, let’s GO!

The April 2023 Community Day featuring Togetic runs from Saturday, April 15, 2023, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time.

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