SWTOR Launches Shae Vizla Test Server for Cloud-Based Hosting Exploration

Star Wars The Old Republic embraces new technology with its test server hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) officially opened the Shae Vizla test server on April 3, 2023, taking a significant step in updating its technology by hosting the server on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The test server will be available to all players until April 18, 2023, and is part of SWTOR’s ongoing initiative to modernize and improve the game and its supporting platforms.

The migration to cloud-based servers offers numerous benefits, including improved player experience in terms of connectivity, ping, and in-game performance. Backend updates crucial to the game’s health and stability can be streamlined more efficiently, and resources previously required to maintain existing systems can be reallocated toward enhancing the game experience. SWTOR will also be able to leverage and integrate updated technology, such as newer hardware, software, and graphics, potentially extending its server capabilities to reach new players.

All players, regardless of account type, will have access to the Shae Vizla test server during the testing period. In contrast to the Public Test Server (PTS), players will not need a separate download. The test server will be marked as [Test Server] in the list of live servers.

Players can start new characters or copy existing characters to the Shae Vizla test server once it opens. The developer encourages players to test their routine and regular play, noting any performance differences compared to existing servers. Feedback on grouped content, match and Flashpoint accessibility, travel, UI, and visual or sound issues with cinematics are particularly sought.

Once the testing period ends, SWTOR will analyze the data and feedback to determine if additional testing is needed or if they can move all live servers to AWS. The development team is committed to improving The Old Republic’s technology and thanks players for supporting this journey.

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