The Day Before’s Beta Confirmed, Fntastic Vows Steam Return

Fntastic, the developer behind the highly anticipated open-world survival MMO, The Day Before, has confirmed that a pre-launch beta will be available for players. This announcement follows a series of delays and controversies surrounding the game, including a trademark dispute that led to its removal from Steam. Even though classified as a booty simulator (just joking), I am excited to be playing this once it comes out.

The Day Before has faced numerous setbacks, including multiple delays and underwhelming gameplay showcases. Earlier this year, the game was postponed to November due to a trademark dispute, after which Fntastic released new gameplay footage. Now, the developer has revealed that a beta will be available to players prior to the game’s full launch, as reported by PCGamesN.

An administrator on the official The Day Before Discord stated, “As we get closer to the release date, we will be conducting a beta test for the game. This will give players the opportunity to try out the game before it is released and provide valuable feedback that we can use to improve the final product.

While details about the timing and scope of the beta remain unclear, Fntastic is expected to provide more information in the months leading up to the beta’s launch.

In addition to the beta announcement, Fntastic has also promised to bring The Day Before back to Steam. Previously removed from the platform due to a copyright claim, the developer is now working on resolving the issue to ensure the game’s return to Valve’s storefront.

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