The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Unveils Arcanist Class and Unexplored Realms of Apocrypha

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) development team has recently revealed exciting new features and gameplay for the upcoming Necrom chapter in a live stream preview. Set to release on June 20 for PlayStation, the Necrom chapter introduces the Arcanist class, never-before-seen regions of Apocrypha, and fresh group challenges for players to conquer.

The Arcanist, ESO’s first new class in four years, is deeply integrated into Necrom’s setting and themes. Drawing power from Apocrypha itself, the Arcanist showcases the influence of Hermaeus Mora’s realm in its appearance, gameplay, and abilities.

The Arcanist offers three distinct Skill Lines for varied playstyles: Herald of the Tome (damage), Curative Runeforms (healing/support), and Soldier of Apocrypha (tanking). Players can customize their abilities by mixing them with other available Skill Lines. Additionally, the Arcanist features a unique Crux System, where select abilities generate Crux resources that can be spent to receive buffs.

In the Necrom chapter, players can explore the mysterious realm of Apocrypha – an infinite library containing untold volumes of knowledge. The realm is filled with danger, as Hermaeus Mora’s domain presents numerous perils for the unprepared. The chapter also unveils Chroma Incognito, an unexplored aspect of Apocrypha where rejected possibilities form a landscape of vibrant colors. Chroma Incognito is ripe with unique quests, delves, group bosses, and a public dungeon.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, part of the Shadow Over Morrowind adventure, launches on PlayStation consoles on June 20. Pre-purchase Necrom now to receive exclusive bonus rewards upon release. To learn more about the chapter, watch the full Necrom Chapter Preview VOD.

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