The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog Surpasses 1 Million Downloads in Just Five Days on Steam

The recently released April Fool’s Day game, The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, has overtaken the gaming community. Sega’s innovative point-and-click visual novel has reached an impressive milestone, accumulating over 1 million downloads within the first five days of its release.

In a surprising twist, Sega unveiled the game on April Fool’s Day, typically known for its fake game announcements. The official visual novel, offered for free on the Steam platform, has received a warm welcome from fans and skyrocketed in popularity.

Sonic social media manager and the game’s executive producer, Katie Chrzanowski, took to Twitter to share her excitement about the game’s rapid success. She revealed that The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog currently holds the 61st spot for the highest-rated game on Steam of all time. Chrzanowski expressed her gratitude, stating, “Absolutely unreal. Thank you all so, so much.

The game’s intriguing storyline has captured the attention of both long-time Sonic fans. Set on the Mirage Express, players find themselves at Amy Rose’s birthday party, where a murder mystery game unfolds. However, when Sonic the Hedgehog becomes the victim, players must create their own character and interrogate familiar faces from the Sonic universe to uncover the truth behind the sinister event.

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