Unrecord Developer Addresses Post-Reveal Questions and Concerns

The upcoming single-player first-person shooter game, Unrecord, developed by DRAMA, has gained significant attention since its recent unveiling. Available on Steam’s library for wishlisting, the game tells the story of a tactical police officer through the lens of his body camera, requiring players to use their tactical and detective skills to solve a complex case. In response to questions and concerns raised by players, DRAMA has issued a statement addressing these issues.

Regarding the authenticity of the gameplay footage, the developers assure players that the game is developed using Unreal Engine 5, and the footage is captured from an executable played with a keyboard and mouse. They emphasize that they focus on gameplay and the game’s universe and would not risk their reputation on a scam.

DRAMA also clarified that Unrecord does not take any particular political stance, either pro-police or anti-police. The game is not inspired by real-life events and aims to avoid undesirable topics such as discrimination, racism, and violence against women and minorities. The developers acknowledge that art is open to interpretation but hope players will trust the game’s intelligence in presenting its themes.

The developer admits that the unexpected success of Unrecord’s 2022 video prompted them to accelerate development. Still, as an independent studio that self-funds, they cannot provide a release date or even an estimated year of release.

Regarding optimization, DRAMA states that it is too early in the development process to provide specifics but assures players that they intend to meet gamers’ expectations. They also mention that older PCs might not have sufficient performance to enjoy a next-gen game powered by Unreal Engine 5 fully.

As for porting, the game currently runs smoothly with both keyboard and controller, and the developers do not foresee any issues with porting to consoles. However, they have not yet decided on specific platforms and consoles for release. Unfortunately, Unrecord is not a VR game. DRAMA is also considering offering global localization, with subtitles available in the most requested languages.

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