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Valorant 6.08 Patch Notes

Valorant Episode 6, Act 3 kicks off on April 25, accompanied by the deployment of Patch 6.08. Among the numerous updates, one of the most notable changes in this patch targets Killjoy, a sentinel agent in professional play. The developers aim to enhance the interaction of her abilities with other players and the environment.

Gekko and Killjoy receive updates in this patch. Gekko’s Wingman plant and defuse audio cues have been improved for better clarity during intense combat situations. Gekko’s in-game portrait has also been updated for better readability and quality consistency.

Patch 6.08 also addresses several bugs and issues in the game, such as visual bugs with the Spike progress bar, issues with Yoru’s Dimensional Drift, and party-related bugs. The developers are also aware of issues with modifying the locale within the client and audio cues not playing in rare instances. They are investigating these problems and will share more information as soon as possible.

Valorant Patch 6.08 Changelog


  • Wingman
    • Audio improvements to Wingman’s (Q) plant and defuse audio.
      • The audio cues for Wingman’s spike and defuse sound were unclear during hectic combat situations. This should help make those audio cues standout.
  • We’ve updated Gekko’s in-game portrait for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.


As Killjoy has taken on a more prominent place in the meta, we’ve noticed a couple of areas where we could improve the ways her abilities interact with other players/the environment. We’ve done a pass on some of her audio cues to make them more distinct and make it clearer when her utility has been destroyed. In addition, we’ve increased the reveal radius on Nanoswarm (C) to better match its area of damage and make it more realistic for enemies that are moving methodically to track them down. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this balance point moving forward. Finally, we’ve removed the yellow warning indicator that was added to Lockdown (X) last patch, as it was too noisy on screen for the full duration of her ultimate winding up.

  • Nanoswarm (C)
    • Nanoswarm reveal radius increased 350 >> 525
    • Nanoswarm audio has been updated.
      • Audio loop now also turns off when disabled as a result of Killjoy being killed or suppressed.
    • Improved feedback for the enemy when they destroy Nanoswarm.
    • Nanoswarm is now revealed when it is disabled.
  • Other Abilities
    • Updated visuals for Killjoy’s ultimate Lockdown (X) being destroyed.
    • Removed the yellow warning UI Indicator for enemies Killjoy’s Lockdown (X).
    • Updated deactivate sounds for Killjoy’s Turret (E) and Alarmbot (Q) to make them more distinct.


  • Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E), Orbital Strike (X), and Omen’s From the Shadows (X) ability have updated targeting visuals to help players with precision placement on the map.



We have upgraded several Shorty models, including the default Shorty, to get them up to par visually with the rest of our weapons. These are just art updates—there will be no gameplay changes.

  • Players who own any of the following will notice an updated Shorty:
    • Default Shorty
    • Wunderkind Shorty
    • Sidekick Shorty
    • Karabasan Shorty
    • Prism II Shorty
    • Doodle Buds Shorty



  • The newly updated Bind rotates into Competitive and Unrated queues.
  • Icebox rotates out of Competitive and Unrated queues.



  • Fixed an issue where “Kick ally off” displays while defusing the Spike.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the Spike progress bar for planting or defusing would speed up or reset while defusing.
  • Fixed an issue where Yoru couldn’t drop his weapon while using Dimensional Drift (X).


  • (Fixed in Patch 6.07) Fixed a bug where the add/remove friend button wasn’t available when right clicking a party member who had “Hide my name outside my party” setting turned on.
  • (Fixed in Patch 6.07) Fixed a bug where banned players would not get removed from your party.
  • Fixed a bug where party invites that were no longer valid were sometimes still showing as active for players.
  • Fixed a bug where Team and All chat logs would be wiped after a match. Thank you to our Redditors for alerting us to this one.
  • Fixed a bug where punctuation marks were not correctly displayed when in-game language is Thai.


  • We are aware of an issue modifying locale within the client. Locale updates will need to be performed through Riot Client (Riot Client settings).
  • We’re aware of an issue where, in rare instances, audio cues are not playing for various sound effects. We are investigating at this time and will share as soon as we know more.
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