Velocity Noodle Races onto Consoles Today

Master the Art of High-Speed Noodle Delivery in a Neon-Lit City.

Today, April 27, marks the launch of the highly-anticipated game Velocity Noodle on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox consoles. This action-packed speed-runner is perfect for noodle lovers and gamers alike, combining fast-paced gameplay with the high-stakes world of noodle delivery.

Set in a visually stunning, neon-lit pixel city, players navigate through handcrafted stages to deliver noodles as quickly as possible. Velocity Noodle boasts ultra-smooth movement, with players mastering various mechanics such as sliding, teleporting, and katana-jumping to outmaneuver deadly traps and achieve the fastest delivery times. Players must also be on the lookout for the A.D.S. (Anti Delivery Service), which aims to thwart noodle deliveries.

Having already made its mark on the PC gaming world with a 95% positive rating on Steam, Velocity Noodle now brings its high-energy action to consoles. The console release features new content, including additional level packs, artwork updates, and quality-of-life improvements, all of which have been made available as a free upgrade for the PC version. A native PS5 version of the game is currently under development, with a separate release date announcement to come.


  • Dozens & dozens of handcrafted stages to test your noodle
  • A pettable dog, somewhere
  • Fast-paced, agility focused movement gameplay
  • A really overworked and sweaty chef
  • Time records to beat, medals to collect, and a quick-restart so the pace never lets up
  • Hard hitting synthwave soundtrack

For $12.99, with a 20% discount during the initial release period, Velocity Noodle promises hours of entertainment for those looking to become the ultimate noodle delivery master. Key features include dozens of handcrafted stages, a pettable dog, agility-focused movement gameplay, a hardworking chef, and a heart-pumping synth-wave soundtrack.

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