Alan Wake 2 October Launch Hinted by Voice Actor

If there’s one thing gamers love, it’s surprises. This past weekend, Remedy Entertainment‘s Alan Wake franchise fans received a pleasant one. Matthew Porretta, the distinctive voice behind the series protagonist, dropped a tantalizing hint about the sequel’s release date during an appearance on the Monsters, Madness, and Magic podcast.

Porretta, a familiar presence in Remedy’s game universe for his dual roles as Alan Wake and Dr. Casper Darling in Control, was candid during the chat. He let slip that the much-anticipated Alan Wake 2 is “supposed to come out in October.”

These words triggered excitement, especially given the thrill and suspense typically associated with the Alan Wake series, making an October release appropriate for the Halloween season. Porretta’s statement was casual, not official, and he relayed his experience with the team at Remedy, describing them as “amazing people.” He also revealed that he was in Finland the previous week, presumably for the sequel’s production. This aligns with a statement from Remedy CEO Tero Virtala in February, in which he mentioned the team was preparing to finalize all content.

While the intrigue intensifies around Alan Wake 2’s launch, the official stance remains that the game is set for a 2023 release. Gamers worldwide eagerly anticipate its arrival on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. Porretta’s recent comments have ignited the rumor mill, encouraging fans to mark their calendars and look out for more official announcements from Remedy.

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