Amnesia: The Bunker Gets Postponed to Early June

Frictional Games has recently announced another delay for its much-anticipated title, Amnesia: The Bunker. Initially slated for a May 16 release, the game has now been rescheduled to debut on June 6.

This is the second delay for the title, following a one-week delay announced last month. The latest postponement is attributed to unexpected certification issues that the team encountered, causing a fortnight’s delay. The decision to push back the release date was made to ensure that the game does not ship with these unresolved issues, potentially affecting gameplay quality.

Frictional Games stated, “The extra time will allow us to rectify the problem and ensure the best possible gameplay experience upon release. We thank you for your understanding and patience.” The message is posted in the video below on the company’s official Twitter.

It’s worth noting that the studio has chosen to delay the game rather than resort to crunch time, a practice often criticized within the gaming industry. Fredrik Olsson, the creative lead on Amnesia: The Bunker, stressed that the company would not ask its team to work extended hours or weekends. This ethos is part of Frictional Games’ commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance for its employees, even in the face of production challenges.

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