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DayZ 1.21 May 1st Experimental Update, Maintenance Notes and more

Bohemia Interactive has announced a new DayZ 1.21 Experimental Update set to roll out today, May 1st, for both PC and Xbox platforms. The developer has announced that the servers will undergo maintenance to apply the update to the open-world survival game. Remember that Experimental means Public Test servers, which contents are tested before they roll out to the stable branch.

To ensure a smooth installation of the May 1st 1.21 Experimental Update, both PC and Xbox Experimental servers will experience downtime today. The schedule for the server maintenance is as follows:

  • PC Experimental servers: 13:00 CEST
  • Xbox Experimental servers: 14:00 CEST

PC Experimental 1.21 Update 2 – Version 1.21.156117 (Released on 02.05.2023)

Detailed patch notes for the new Experimental Update will be available as the servers go down for maintenance. That is in one hour from the time of this writing. Players can expect new features, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements to enhance their DayZ experience. Once the patch notes are revealed, we’ll post them here.



  • Sound indicator when dying of thirst



  • Pants did not take damage by falling from more than 5 meters
  • Updated the falling animation for medium heights
  • The red UI flash effect does not show up any more when falling from minor heights
  • Reduced the chances of pristine weapons getting jammed when chambering a bullet
  • It was possible to see under the map while driving with vehicles in 3rd person
  • Reduced the view obstruction of the great helm
  • Adjusted the view obstruction of the norse helm
  • Crossbow recoil has been adjusted
  • Bolts will now penetrate through some objects (mainly some wooden doors – depends on thickness)
  • Bolts are more likely to deflect off of hard surfaces
  • Increased the time bolts are simulated in the air
  • Hunting Bolts deal slightly more shock
  • Adjusted the sizes of several dialogue boxes to better fit their texts


  • Reduced spawning of medieval gear on Skalisty Island


  • Fixed: Objects could not be spawned by the Object spawner if the Central economy was disabled


  • Added: Workbench: Defines: There is now a duplication check which will prevent the same define being present multiple times

  • Added: Workbench: Defines: “Combo” defines are now visible in defines window


  • Arrows are incorrectly attached to characters or objects after getting hit
  • Loaded arrow is missing from the Crossbow after reconnecting / re-entering the network bubble

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