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Dota 2 May 16 Update Notes

The latest Dota 2 update rolled out today, May 16, 2023. This update addresses many gameplay anomalies, provides fixes to heroes, items, and abilities, and even clarifies tooltips.

One of the significant changes was the correction of the Universal heroes’ damage per level tooltips that were previously showcasing an incorrect value. The Tormentor tooltips also underwent revision to correctly display the reflection, damage barrier, and regen values.

Furthermore, the issue with Neutral Tokens being inaccessible when sent to stash by hero clones has been fixed. This is a considerable relief for players who leverage the ability of heroes like Meepo and his clones to acquire and utilize neutral items efficiently. For the complete patch notes, check below.

Dota 2 May 16 Patch Notes

  • Fixed Universal heroes’ damage per level tooltips referencing an incorrect value
  • Fixed Tormentor tooltips to show correct reflection, damage barrier, and regen values
  • Fixed Neutral Tokens being inaccessible when sent to stash by hero clones
  • Clarified multiple ability and item tooltips and 7.33c patch notes in the client
  • Fixed Eye of the Vizier providing no Mana Regen
  • Fixed Glimmer Cape barrier to correctly block damage for items and abilities that go on cooldown on damage
  • Fixed Specialist’s Array providing constant bonus damage for melee heroes
  • Fixed Specialist’s Array not providing the base bonus damage when ready to proc
  • Fixed Dazzle attacking Void Spirit with poison debuff causing a crash
  • Fixed Earthshaker’s Fissure Range being incorrect
  • Fixed Grimstroke’s Dark Portrait illusions not having the correct amount of magic resistance
  • Fixed a bug that caused casting certain targeted spells on units affected by Grim Stroke Soulbind to disable portions of that ability’s effects (e.g. bonus damage on Clinkz’s Tar Bomb)
  • Fixed Hoodwink’s Bushwhack interrupting debuff immune targets
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Summon Spirit Bear to respect damage blocking when going on cooldown due to damage
  • Fixed Mars’ Spear of Mars interrupting debuff immune targets
  • Fixed Meepo clones creating boots when picking up Lotuses
  • Fixed Pangolier’s Swashbuckle Dash Range being incorrect
  • Fixed Spirit Breaker’s Charge of Darkness Mana Cost that was incorrectly decreased to 90 instead of 100
  • Fixed Weaver’s Level 10 Talent +50 Shukuchi Damage applying twice
  • Fixed Zeus’ Lightning Hands triggering spell absorb/reflection effects
  • Abilities with no legacy hotkeys defined get auto-assigned one
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