EA Plans on Revolutionizing Vehicle Loadouts in Battlefield 2042’s Upcoming Season 5

Battlefield 2042‘s developer EA Dice is set to redefine the game’s vehicle warfare mechanics, announcing a substantial overhaul of vehicle loadouts in the upcoming Season 5 update. This revision aims to fine-tune combat roles, provide significant quality-of-life improvements, and rebalance the overpowering prevalence of explosive weaponry in the game.

In response to player feedback, EA Dice has decided to rein in the dominating presence of explosive weapons in Battlefield 2042. In the new update, these tools will not be universally accessible for all vehicles. Instead, they will require strategic selection, promoting a more tactical approach to the game. This change will enrich the infantry experience and prompt players to choose vehicles that better serve their current needs.

The upcoming rework will also clarify the definition of combat roles. The intent is to ensure that each vehicle fulfills its intended purpose on the battlefield, restoring a sense of balance and strategic depth to vehicular combat.

A significant part of the rework involves modifying loadouts for individual vehicles. For example, the LATV4 Recon, a popular transport vehicle, will see a swap of its explosive weaponry for anti-infantry weapons. Similarly, the EBAA Wildcat will refocus on its anti-air role, trading its 57mm Cannon for 35mm Dual AA Cannons.

EA Dice also shared plans to adjust the capabilities of the M5C Bolte to promote more active and aggressive gameplay, emphasizing hit-and-run tactics instead of static bombardment. Along with the adjustments to vehicle loadouts, the developer has also revealed that thermals will be made available for certain vehicle weapons stations, providing players with a choice between thermals or optical zoom.

Furthermore, improvements to jet gameplay are in the pipeline, including more responsive camera movements and the reintroduction of vehicle control when using the rearview camera. Adding Rocket Pods to jet loadouts is also expected to maintain player engagement even without aerial combat.

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