Elden Ring Reaches Epic Milestone with Over 20 Million Units Sold

Elden Ring, the action RPG from From Software, has surpassed an impressive milestone, selling over 20 million units worldwide since its launch in February 2022. This milestone achievement was confirmed in a recent investor report by Bandai Namco, the game’s publisher.

Developed by the esteemed Japanese gaming company, From Software, Elden Ring is renowned for its intricate world-building, challenging gameplay, and immersive storylines. The game’s success has seen steady growth, even outperforming many other major worldwide titles released in the same consolidated fiscal year.

According to a discussion on ResetEra, the game’s international popularity has resulted in robust repeat sales, contributing to the game’s impressive sales figure of 20.5 million units. Interestingly, while other newly-released titles experienced slower starts, Elden Ring continued to captivate gamers across the globe, proving it’s staying power in the intensely competitive video game market.

Bandai Namco’s digital business has also reaped the rewards of Elden Ring’s success. In addition to the game’s strong performance, the company reported that its network content, including franchises like “DRAGON BALL” and “ONE PIECE,” is performing well due to continuous measures for users and interconnected media development.

Despite a decrease in profits compared to the previous year, Bandai Namco reported that the digital business sector’s sales were 385,681 million yen (roughly $3.5 billion), marking a 2% increase year on year. The segment profit rose by 2% yearly, reaching 49,339 million yen (around $450 million).

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