Escape From Tarkov Slowly Winning the War Against Cheaters

Escape From Tarkov, the popular hardcore first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games, has been making headlines recently for its relentless efforts to ban cheaters and provide a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for its dedicated player base. The developer’s collaboration with BattlEye, a prominent anti-cheat service provider, has led to successful ban waves, restoring the community’s faith in the game’s competitive integrity.

Cheating has long been an issue in Escape From Tarkov, with some players using hacks, bots, or other exploits to gain an unfair advantage over others. This frustrated legitimate players and tarnished the game’s reputation as a challenging and immersive experience. The cheating problem had reached a point where many players demanded urgent action from the developers. And then, it all started in early March, when Battlestate Games adopted and intensified these actions.

In response to the cheating problem, Battlestate Games and BattlEye initiated a series of ban waves that significantly impacted the cheater population. These bans have led to a notable decrease in cheating incidents, making the game more enjoyable for honest players. So far, we know of multiple ban waves that result in total of:

  • over 10,000 cheaters banned in March.
  • over 6000 cheaters banned in April.

To further deter potential cheaters, Battlestate Games introduced a public Google Spreadsheet, dubbed the “Wall of Shame,” listing the names of banned cheaters. This public exposure serves as a powerful deterrent, as potential cheaters risk losing their accounts and facing public humiliation for their actions.

Today, Battlestate Games has announced that another 2000 players have hit the ground. This trend will likely continue, with Battlestate Games finding a way to detect and punish cheaters as early as possible. Regarding the recent ban wave, you can find the official tweet below:

Many would say Escape From Tarkov’s player base has plummeted, but I can assure you that it’s a common scenario as we’re late into the wipe. Once a new wipe is announced, players will swarm the game again. Mark my words.

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