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Fortnite 24.30 Patch Notes and details

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released update 24.30, featuring exciting Star Wars-themed content celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4th. The update, available for consoles and PC, rolled out with an extended period of server downtime.

The 24.30 update introduces new Star Wars content, including the previously announced Anakin Skywalker skin, set to launch in time for Star Wars Day. In addition to the Anakin skin, players can expect another costume from the famous movie series. The update also includes new Force Mythics, the return of Lightsabers, challenges, and more.

Epic Games has also addressed numerous bugs and gameplay glitches in the update. You can find them below:

Fortnite 24.30 Patch Notes


  • Some Back Bling’s appear to float and appear detached from the Highwire outfit
    • Some Back Blings do not sit against the back of the Highwire outfit and instead appear to be floating.
  • Trunks and branches of some trees move erratically
    • Some players using Performance mode on PC or playing on Android may notice that trunks and branches of trees are moving.
  • Infinite Dab isn’t infinite in the Lobby
    • The ‘Infinite Dab’ emote does not loop for hours and hours when performed in the Lobby. This critical issue will be fixed in a future game update.
  • Multiple outfits may appear shiny/glossy
    • Multiple outfits, including Bunny Brawler, Rust Lord and Elite Agent may appear shiny/glossy.


  • Large Rocks on the Battle Royale Island are not providing as many materials when Harvested compared before v24.20.
    • We’re aware of reports that Large Rocks on the Battle Royale Island are not providing as many materials when Harvested compared before v24.20.


  • Damage not taken in Creative edit mode
    • Player cannot take damage in Creative edit mode regardless of invulnerability settings.


  • The Cobra DMR’s scope may not display correctly
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