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Fortnite May 30 Stability Fix Update Notes

Epic Games has launched a new stability patch for Fortnite. The version 1.000.103 patch focuses on stability improvements across all platforms and does not include any new content. Epic Games has provided a detailed patch note that elucidates the changes introduced in this update.

This new patch has been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, XSX, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Luna platforms. Along with the stability fixes, Epic Games is also investigating several known issues and has promised fixes in the future updates. This information was detailed via Fortnite’s official Trello board.

General Top Issues

For PlayStation, there is ongoing work on the voice chat and game audio glitches that result in missing or distorted sounds after a match.

Issues currently under investigation include the failure to initialize BattlEye Service on Windows 11, and issues where players with “luna” in their name can’t launch the game on PC.

Meanwhile, a future update promises to fix a visual problem with the Hollowhead character’s glowing eyes, which may clip through his head.

Battle Royale Top Issues

The development team is addressing the “Burn Bright” Emote issue that doesn’t reflect the player’s current highest Rank.

The visual delay for rank updates is also being investigated.

Promised fixes in future updates include a glitch causing the game mode to revert to Solo when turning Ranked On or Off, and a problem causing Ranked Urgent Quest descriptions to disappear if players are eliminated and get rebooted before completing the Quest. There’s also a fix incoming for the scenario where ‘Fill’ can appear enabled when it should be disabled.

As of now, there are no major changes or additions to the game with this patch. However, Epic Games continues to work diligently in fixing bugs and ensuring a smooth gaming experience for its players.

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