Lifeweaver Might Receive Even More Buffs in Overwatch 2 Season 5

Overwatch 2 developers have closely monitored Lifeweaver’s performance and are actively improving the hero’s abilities to better fit within the game’s meta. In a recent blog post, Blizzard’s Aaron Keller, discussed the changes to Lifeweaver and provided insight into potential future adjustments for Season 5.

In recent weeks, developers made a series of changes to Lifeweaver, including modifications to the control scheme, increasing healing ammo capacity, tightening the weapon spread, and buffing the hero’s ultimate ability. These changes resulted in a higher win rate at lower skill tiers, but the win rate dropped off at higher skill ratings.

The changes led to Lifeweaver having one of the highest healing outputs in the game and one of the lowest death rates among support heroes. However, the utility abilities of Life Grip and Petal Platform are inconsistent and sometimes underutilized. Furthermore, the developers are considering the following changes to improve Lifeweaver further:

  • Lightly buffing Thorn Volley and reducing hit volumes.
  • Emphasizing Lifeweaver’s healing effectiveness, possibly by introducing a new passive ability or enhancing existing utility-focused abilities.

Blizzard is also cautious about buffing the raw healing and defensive abilities too much, as it may disrupt the overall flow of an engagement. They plan to have the next set of changes ready for Season 5 and hope these adjustments will solidify Lifeweaver’s role in Overwatch 2.

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