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Niantic’s New Game Peridot Launches Tomorrow, They Have Time For a New Game But Not to Fix Pokemon Go

Trainers, Niantic’s new game Peridot launches tomorrow, May 9, 2023, on iOS and Android. We all want to try other games and see what they offer, but we think they should’ve focused on pre-existing problems before focusing on a whole new project.

Peridot is an adventure pet game where you care for one pet, raise them, fall in love with them, breed, and explore the world. The game is set to release on May 9, 2023, and by the looks of how Niantic is treating their communities, they will shut the game down in less than a year.

Niantic’s Peridot countdown on Twitter has gotten a lot of attention. Almost all of the comments are from the Pokemon Go community, a community that is not happy with Niantic’s move. The Pokemon Go community wants Niantic to focus on Pokemon Go, an active mobile game since 2016, and not other projects.

Here are some comments on Niantic’s tweet.

So now suddenly you have so much free time to develop and advertise a new game.. but can’t find time to fix your current game.” – Mike

You know what’s cute? How naive you are about the rising frustration of Pokémon GO players. Just a few examples of all we’ve had to endure while you’ve been working on Peridot, organized below in one (not real) announcement to consolidate. Stop ignoring us before it’s too late.” – JRESeawolf

I find it cute you are launching another game so you can ignore that community too.” – Rohan Fozzy

Hard pass! Do not play another one of your games until you start listening to your customers. Revert changes to remote raids!” – Brian Dore.

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Dejan Kacurov

Hello everyone! My name is Dejan, but you can call me Mr.D. I enjoy all video games, especially Apex Legends, Pokemon Go, and Spider-Man. A husband and father of two who also goes to the gym often and does Crossfit. I got inspiration for gaming exactly 8 years ago, and I've been writing gaming news for 7 years. I hope that you will find all the answers to your questions regarding gaming on our site. Stay healthy, and love each other!

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  1. Just look at Niantic’s homepage: Their aim is to create social realworld games, but not games, that can be played sitting at home! But Niantic completely failed. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a community crying over and over again because remote raids are now more expensive while ignoring that there are boxes for sale that make raiding in person very cheap!
    Not the remote raid nerf is the problem, but that Niantic failed to create a PoGo Community that likes social realworld gaming! The main mistake is that Niantic hasn’t introduced any new local multiplayer features since 2017. They only served for those who prefer playing alone or remotely – there are no cooperative quests and PvP is mainly designed as a remote feature, Team Go Rocket also doesn’t include multiplayer features. The next problem is the very easy and repetitive gameplay loop. Raiding means just pressing a button, strategic elements are missing. That is why Pokémon Go has been taken over by very conservative people who have nothing to do with gaming except PoGo and who find it ridiculous to play in a park.
    The new price policy regarding raids is overdue! But new challenging local multiplayer features are urgently needed to get those people back to the game who liked meeting new people and raiding together in 2017!

    Peridot is interesting because it is the first real AR game. But it seems to be a calm game with no multiplayer features. What we need is a realworld game with challenging local multiplayer content, that can’t be taken over by those who oppose this idea. Perhaps Monster Hunter Now can become such a game.

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