Payday 3 has been wishlisted by more than 1 million players

Starbreeze Studios announces major milestone and upcoming marketing campaign for the highly-anticipated co-op shooter.

In a recent fiscal report, Starbreeze Studios revealed that their highly anticipated sequel, Payday 3, has surpassed 1 million wishlists on Steam. The studio also shared details about its upcoming marketing campaign, game development plans, and overall strategy for the future.

Launching in 2023, Payday 3’s marketing campaign is set to kick off this summer. Starbreeze Studios has initiated its transfer strategy, which involves dropping clues within Payday 2 to build anticipation and link the stories between the two games. In addition to the ongoing game development, the studio is working on simultaneous PC and console.

Starbreeze Studios also highlighted the importance of the Payday 2 legacy and its strategy of delivering frequent content, expansion, and add-on packs for its games. As the studio looks towards the future, they aim to broaden their portfolio of games and IPs, targeting audience and revenue growth.

With unique competence, experience, and passion, Starbreeze Studios is positioned to deliver world-class experiences and continue its growth in the gaming industry. With the upcoming gameplay reveal this summer, fans eagerly await more details about the much-anticipated Payday 3, a testament to the excitement surrounding the next chapter in the Payday franchise.

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