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Pokemon Go Contests and What we Know About This Upcoming Feature

Trainers, Pokemon Contests are coming to Pokemon Go, and thanks to the miners, we now have more info about this new feature.

The world’s greatest miners’ discovered the Pokemon Contests at the beginning of 2023. Today, they found more info and were kind enough to share their findings with the rest of the Pokemon Go community. The first report was made on January 26, 2023, when the miners discovered the “Pokemon Contests” text in the GM file.

So, here is what we know about the Pokemon Contest so far, thanks to the miners.

Pokemon Go Pokemon Contests

  • Pokemon Contests will spawn at PokeStops
  • Contests reward loot and each contest has a set of rewards per contest
  • You can have unclaimed rewards from a contest. It sounds like you can have several contests going on at once, so perhaps you have to come back to the stop to claim your rewards
  • Contests have a unique style on the map, like Rockets and Rocket Victories
  • You have to be within range of a Contest stop to interact with it
  • Pokemon Contests have different levels of re-occurrence – Daily, every 2 days, every 3 days, weekly, or seasonally
  • Season contests have specific definitions
  • This is defined by a schedule, unclear if this is visible to the user or not
  • There is a list of eligible contests, unclear if that’s for the player or global
  • There is a limit to the number of contests you can do
  • There is a restriction preventing ‘same season trade’ not being allowed
  • You appear to submit a Pokemon for the contest, and each Pokemon can only be in one contest at a time, this suggests you can do several contests at once
  • There are references to focusing on a contest Pokemon
  • There is a set of Pokemon Metrics for the contest
  • You can substitute a Pokemon in a contest for another one, but this might just be in response to if you try to use the same Pokemon in more than one contest. Unclear at this point
  • There are references to replacing a contest Pokemon in addition to substitution, unclear if these are the same thing or not but there are error states if you are trying to remove or replace a different Pokemon
  • Contests only have two ranking systems – min or max
  • The marketing name is called Showcases, and the code name is called Contests
  • The contest for having the largest Pokemon is the only contest type currently
  • Can’t enter a Pokemon into a contest if it recently won one
  • Can only have one Pokemon in a contest at a time, you will be prompted to transfer a Mon to another contest if you try to re-enter it
  • Max number of Mons that can be in a contest
  • Must be at a stop to enter the contest
  • Can’t enter a contest if you haven’t claimed previous contest rewards
  • The player limit for the number of contests entered
  • Can’t enter recently traded Pokemon into contests
  • As previously reported, there are contest ranks and points, and you use them to rank up

There is no info on when Pokemon Contests are coming to Pokemon Go, but we might see this new feature by the end of 2023.

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