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Pokemon Go Google Play Marks the App as Unsafe to Download

Trainers, a Pokemon Go player tried to download the app, but Google Play marks the app as unsafe to install.

A Pokemon Go player who goes by milotic03 on Reddit tried to install Pokemon Go on his Android device, and the app is marked as an “Unsafe App.” The Google Play Protect pop-up says “This app can collect data that could be used to track you.”

As per Niantic and Pokemon Go, the app doesn’t share user data with third parties. The app uses players’ location, personal info, purchase history, fitness info, in-app messages, photos, videos, and app activity.

Google play is blocking Pokemon Go (samsung version) to install, due app data collection to track you.
by u/milotic03 in TheSilphRoad

Maybe Google is marking Pokemon Go as unsafe because Niantic might have meddled with the Samsung version. Could this mean that players’ info, who own Samsung devices, is shared with other apps or software?

Something has changed in Pokemon Go’s way of working, so this might be causing the “Unsafe app” warning from Google Play. Whatever it is, they need to look into it and fix it as soon as possible.

What do you think about this issue? Why Google Play marks Pokemon Go as an unsafe app? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Get ur facts straight before u post s*** like this that isn’t true I have a Samsung and it doesnt say it no matter downloaded already or not or updated it doesnt say get ur facts straight

    1. I don’t think I’d comment so aggressively when multiple people in the comments and comments on related blogs have commented
      experiencing similar issues. And to be fair, the whole point of the game is to have the game track you so I wouldn’t be surprised

  2. I encountered a similar problem with the latest update and I don’t use Samsung but another Android device. The new update makes you aware of things that cannot be done while using the app like spoofing or using non licensed add ons. I had to reset the Google allowances in my settings so the update would finish.

  3. I think Niantic either wants to destroy Pokémon Go, or has the dumbest new people possible running the changes. They have screwed up & treated their player base HORRIBLY the past several changes and events. It’s almost as if the company is being covertly run by its competition… run into the ground.

  4. Makes me feel a little better that I haven’t played in a few weeks. I’ve been playing other stuff.

  5. Its definitely because we are at the brink of war with communist china. There is no doubt in my mind that communist china may have been involved in espionage online (unconfirmed suspicion). This is the reason I play emulators more. The cost is too high. My information matters more. Until this is fixed… I’m playing pokemon emulators. If I beat the old games before? I can enjoy doing it again. Have a good day. Good luck.

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