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Pokemon Go Had the Lowest Monthly Revenue Since 2018

Pokemon Go has been in a quite rocky period, and each step made by Niantic seems to be the wrong one, resulting in very disappointed fans.

Each decision that has been made in the last one or two months has brought the opposite effect, and while many players were angry with Niantic, everything could be resolved if Niantic just listened to the feedback on how to make the game bigger and better.

Of course, due to Niantic not listening to its Trainers and doing whatever they like, something not-so-great happened. The earnings of the game dropped to the lowest point it has ever been. Do not take us wrong, it is far from bad on the list, but it still is in the world of Pokemon Go.

When we compare it to the revenue in March 2023, when Pokemon Go marked $42.8 million, the revenue reached in April 2023 was only $34.7 million. This is also worth noting: March 2023 revenue also marked a drop from February 2023 revenue, when it was $57.9 million. The lowest revenue marked before this one was in February 2018.

It is understandable that sometimes there are ups and downs, but ever since Pokemon Go’s release back in 2016, there has not been a drop in revenue so sharp as this current one.

We all know the reasons why this might be happening, and we think that you all can agree with us on this one: imposed changes in the Remote Raid system. Remote Raids were part of the “COVID-19 package”, which urged people to stay home and play the game from the comfort of their couch. Soon enough, the feature became very popular among the Pokemon Go community.

That paradise came to an end once Niantic came out with a statement that they will be putting a limit on Remote Raids and increasing their price in the in-game store. This was Niantic’s way of saying that the comfort is about to end and Trainers must go outside if they want to play in Raids.

Not to forget, but there are also disabled people that are part of the Pokemon Go community, and how will they raid? There are so many aspects of everyone’s lives that have been impacted by Niantic’s decision, but it looks like they listen to nobody.

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