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Pokemon Go Master Ball Special Research, The Game Mentions The Silph Co. in the Storyline

Update: Trainers, they are not talking about the Silph Road Team in the Master Ball Special Research, they are talking about the Silph Co. The Silph Co. is the leading manufacturer of Pokemon technology. We made a mistake, and we apologize. You were kind enough to let us know, and we appreciate it.

Previous Story: Trainers, the Master Ball is a new item introduced in Pokemon Go. The Master Ball never misses, and you can catch any Pokemon without fail. A new Master Ball Research is on the way, and the game mentioned the Silph Co. as the one who develops and manufactures useful tools and items.

After seven years, the Silph Road Team is ceasing operations, as Niantic’s sponsorship of the Silph Road has concluded. The Silph Road Team started retiring all of Silph Road’s other tools, programs, websites, social channels, and community resources. However, they won’t stop sharing their analysis on the official TSR Reddit, and they plan to keep the sub.

Now, the world’s greatest miners discovered a new text in the GM file hinting at a new Master Ball Research. The text mentions Silph Road, “You can’t buy that anywhere. Master Balls were developed by Silph Co. and aren’t easy to come by.” This is not the first time the game mentions Silph Road, and we hope this will not be the last time.

Here is the text for the Master Ball Special Research.

Master Ball Special Research Quest Story

“%PLAYERNAME%! I’ve been looking all over for you!

I heard about your heroics with the team leaders. I couldn’t be happier that you all have been spending so much quality time together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know them better, too!

But there’s another reason I’m glad you’re here.

The team leaders have noticed Team GO Rocket acting even MORE suspicious lately.

And so have I. Remember that meeting I was preparing to attend? It was with Silph Co., a large company in the Kanto region.

They’ve had issues with villainous organizations in the past, and I was curious if they’d had any trouble recently.

Have you heard of Silph Co.? They develop and manufacture useful tools and items—including Poké Balls—that are distributed all over.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any answers about Team GO Rocket. But there’s some good news!

I have a gift for you, courtesy of Silph Co. I’ll be right back, just as soon…as I remember…where I put it…

What do you think of THAT, %PLAYERNAME%? Pretty snazzy, isn’t it?

You can’t buy that anywhere. Master Balls were developed by Silph Co. and aren’t easy to come by.

I’ve heard they’re the very best Poké Ball out there—it’ll catch any wild Pokémon without fail! I know you’ll think carefully about when to use it.

Now for the bad news. Have you seen Team GO Rocket in front of Gyms today?

They’ve found a way to take over Gyms with Shadow Pokémon.

With so many Gyms under their control, who knows what trouble they’ll cause if left unchecked.

%PLAYERNAME%, I need your help. Please take on the Shadow Pokémon in those Gyms wherever and whenever you find them.

And who knows? With everything you do for Pokémon and other Trainers, you may have an opportunity to get your hands on another Master Ball someday.

But for now, get out there and be the hero I know you are!”

NOTE: Pokemon Go players will get the Master Ball when they complete the Let’s Go Season-long Special Research.

“Throughout Season 10: Rising Heroes, free Special Research will be available. The final story will begin on May 22, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. local time. Willow’s back with some news on Team GO Rocket’s latest plans…and a gift.

You’ll be able to claim the Special Research until the end of Season 10: Rising Heroes, on June 1, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. local time. Trainers who complete the research will get a Master Ball as one of the rewards.

Receiving a rare and powerful Master Ball is a special occasion—think wisely about how you’ll use it, and keep a lookout for future opportunities in Pokémon GO to acquire more!”

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  1. Silph Co. in Pokemon canon did develop the masterball FYI. It has been that way since Gen 1 and that is where Silph Road got their name. It’s not just a made up company.

    1. Right! Lol I read this article and was a bit confused how they attributed that to the dataminers and not the actual in game company.

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