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Pokemon Go New Ban Wave, Players Getting Banned from AR Scan Tasks

A new ban wave has dawned upon Pokemon Go, where numerous players got banned from AR scanning.

For whatever reason you may ask? Well, for no apparent reason. Several Trainers complained that they have been banned from AR scanning, even though they didn’t even use the feature. Others say that they went out of their way while using the feature to send high-quality pictures, but still got banned from using AR scanning.

As you know, the AR feature in Pokemon Go is a feature that Trainers can use to see Pokemon in real-life surroundings through the phone camera. This feature can also be used to scan PokeStop or Gym real-life locations to help Niantic see whether the in-game locations of the Gyms and PokeStops align with the real-life locations.

One player came forward saying that they have turned the AR feature altogether and made sure not to accidentally use it with AR scan tasks, but they learned they have gotten themselves banned from the AR feature in Pokemon Go. How is this possible? We are truly appalled by Niantic’s behavior these couple of weeks.

The comments that truly portray the reactions of many Trainers to the new ban wave:

“Niantic does not know how to reward. Only punish.”

“Have you learned your lesson? From now on don’t put in effort to reward Niantic. Ever.”

“The fact that this company spends more time banning people doing AR tasks than they do fixing bugs and improving features like GBL… tells you all you need to know about Niantic”

Another round of AR bans?
by u/ElGarretto84 in TheSilphRoad

We were safe from this ban wave, but who knows? Maybe the next time we will get a ban for no reason.

Did you earn a ban this time? Why? Did they have any valid reason to ban you from AR scanning?

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  1. I’ve never been able to use this feature from the start, on any of my devices and I never knew why. It gives me the tasks to scan but when I’m actually at the stop it won’t let me do it

    1. Same here it never let’s me use it . And I’m just in a small town in Indiana but there’s over 150 players.

    2. I all the sudden can’t AR SCAN anymore. So to keep from getting the task from all different stops I have to keep one. It’s annoying. Niantic is pissing a lot of people off for no reason. I think they may be trying to tank there own game.

      1. Mine is doing that too! Honestly it’s been months! I reset game to factory specs in settings, then deleted and reinstalled app. Using my same account I signed back in and boom First pokestop I received AR research I scanned it claimed my poffin a etc etc But that was it! It hasn’t given me another scan research since. Idk anyone else was gaveling theese Idk if I’ve done something wrong what but I’ve spent to much money on this game for it

  2. I can’t even checked whether I am banned or not.
    Can’t even log in because the app asks for an update, and I always need to clear plenty of data before the update can install. It’s super annoying. Seriously, even when I’m not part of the boycott (I still only to send Gifts, because I promised some friends), this app is seriously getting on my nerves more often than I enjoy playing it.

  3. Are the people being banned using the mod versions of the game? That would make it make more sense.

    1. I went from the USA to Iraq hit banned 3 hrs after touch down
      I was connected to our military satellite. Wtf!?

      1. I’m banned from scans and I have no idea why. I used to throw $20/month at this game. They aren’t getting another penny from me.

  4. Not surprised. They can’t even get their notifications to work properly. I’ve been constantly getting spammed with push notifications about people sending me gifts only to open the game and see that that notification setting is still turned off, as it has been since they added that useless notification. Yet I never get notified when my pokemon is knocked out of a gym… funny.

  5. I submitted a help request because I had no scan task for a few days and the response I got was
    ‘We appreciate your time for bringing this to our attention. We have made a change to AR Scanning tasks so that they will no longer be available for some Trainers that have a history of submitting low-quality AR scans. Sadly, we are unable to make any changes from our end’.
    Then I guess I had a 1 week ban because the feature was working a day later. Either way, you are right. They punish and focus on trivial matters, and it seems more like a dictatorship instead of even how things work – do they automatically fire people for being 1 minute late? Maybe they should look at the stops they want scanned. Google Earth has them already mapped!

    1. I’m also banned and send a notice to the in game support with the same answer.
      So you got the feature back?
      Did you you do anything else?
      I have tried to send high quality scans for 2 weeks but I’m still banned, perhaps I should start banging them.

  6. Stop doing the AR scans just leave one in your tasks and never do it. YOU are ruining the game when people who actually try to add stops and gyms get them taken away Bc you Wana verify stuff for niantic. You want more places to play…(rural players) stop verifying stuff. Who cares about this feature do the regulars tasks.

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