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Pokemon Go New Raid Box Makes Players a Little Angry

Trainers, a new Raid Box is available in Pokemon Go and players are not happy about it. It looks like the Pokemon Go community is not buying the 525 pack, so Niantic decided to increase the price of the new Raid Box.

The new Raid Box currently available for purchase from the in-game shop offers 1 Star Piece and 2 Remote Raid Passes for 320 PokeCoins. and players think this is a rip-off. Players say they will keep playing the game, even though they (Niantic) don’t care about the community at all, but won’t give them a cent.

Pokemon Go players who don’t want to spend anything on the 525 pack, can defend a Gym and collect the needed Coins. You will need to defend a Gym eleven days to get the 525 pack, and seven days to get the new Raid Box.

Niantic has successfully annoyed the community once again. Well done.

Oh, I forgot to mention – don’t forget about Niantic mocking us and deleting the Tweet.

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  1. There is no reason to be annoyed – at least if you accept that PoGo was designed as a realworld game and Niantic’s aim is to create social realworld games. Remote raids were introduced because of COVID – before 2020 noone asked being able to raid remotely, because local gameplay was the core idea! If you accept the general concept of realworld gaming, you can be very satisfied at the moment, because raiding is getting cheaper. At the weekend there was a box with 10 passes, price: 625 coins! Around 62 cent per pass – a great deal! It is naturally that remote passes must be more expensive than local passes. With remote raiding being the new normal local communities have been destroyed, there even were trainers making fun of people who leave their home and go to a gym! This maldevelopment must end. We need new challenging local multiplayer content to bring those people back to the game who like socialising, who support the general idea of realworld gaming and who are interested in gaming in general.

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