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Pokemon Go Niantic Trying to Stop Memes with the Latest TOS Update

There are several stages in despair when a company is trying to silence its followers, fans, and/or players, and as predicted, Niantic is one step away from making a big deal out of nothing.

A dear Twitter user going by the name RaspberryWeiner has posted a tweet informing the Pokemon Go fans of an unusual update in Pokemon Go’s Terms of Service. “You agree not to remove, alter, or obscure any copyright trademark.” This means that all the funny memes, parodies, and whatnot regarding Pokemon may result in a lawsuit.

Little do they know that this is not possible, since they do not own the rights to Pokemon. They are trying to cover up their mistakes by making threats to Trainers who make fun of these said mistakes through memes. To be honest, every Trainer has every right in the world to make fun of what Pokemon Go has become in the last year or so. Memes are part of every company, and if you do not want to have one directed at you, then do something about your horrific mistakes.

All Trainers agree that this is absurd, and they have hilarious comments regarding the sneaky Terms of Service updates. Some even say that Niantic has turned into Disney, while others say that this has something to do with Pokemon YouTubers that Niantic wants to shut down.

How pathetic that they try to force you to stop clowning.”

Sorry, but I ain’t hearing this. Why is it fair for us to acknowledge Niantic when they’re not listening to the community?

We have no rights, that’s clear

These are some of the comments that are posted regarding the situation, but Niantic does not own Pokemon, they have the license, and as we see it, this is a classic move when big companies want to cover their behinds.


What do you think this is all about?

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