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Pokemon Go Players Mocking Niantic’s Rising Shadows Messy Infographic

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go’s Rising Shadows infographic is something we didn’t expect to happen, but it happened, and we can’t act like we didn’t see anything.

Niantic and Pokemon Go’s Rising Shadows infographic (now removed) proves that they need a graphic designer because the current one needs a lot of improvements. Well, we are talking about a multimillion company, and at least they can do is make a high-quality infographic. Right?

Well, Michael Steranka clearly said, when talking about the HearUsNiantic movement, “And for us, for the rest of this year, we feel like actions will speak louder than words.” Their actions can be seen in the Rising Shadows infographic, which nobody even bothered to double-check it.

The infographic is low-quality, you can see Galarian Ponyta just passing by, the shiny symbols are everywhere except where they need to be, Mega Pinsir taking over T1 Raids, and the text is messy.

Now, and this is made just for fun, G47 shared a Spotlight Hour infographic on TSR. There are two versions, the normal one, and the one “approved” by Niantic and Pokemon Go (with Galarian Ponyta and Mega Pinsir). Check it out below.

Nobody looked at the infographic before posting it on social media. This is what’s happening with all the events. They forgot to add the posses for the Rising Shadows event, removed Mystical Fire, and added it back as a regular move.

Hopefully, someone at Niantic has consciousness and wants Pokemon Go to get better and leave all the silliness, bugs, mistakes, and whatnot behind us. We want changes, whatever changes the need to make, and we want them to work for the better. Many Pokemon Go players are losing their cool, and we think now is the right time for them to focus on making the game better before it’s too late.

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