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Pokemon Go Rising Shadows Purified Gems Not Working In Shadow Raids

By now it has become a custom for Niantic to botch up new events, so this is exactly what happened with the debut of Shadow Raids and Purified Gems.

Today was a big day in the Pokemon Go community, where we all faced the powerful Shadow Pokemon in Shadow Raids. The raids where these scary Pokemon become even scarier, and larger, thus making them even more difficult to defeat. However, Purified Gems were here to the rescue (or not?) and calm down the enraged Pokemon so that we could save it from Team Go Rocket’s evil claw. Or so we thought.

Tapping on a Purified Gem during a Shadow Battle today did not do anything. Many Trainers thought that they need a handful of Purified Gems to even see some effect, but that is far from what is actually happening. This problem was first reported on Reddit, as Poke AK says in his video, and only when the problem got attention, only then did Niantic respond. What Niantic stated is that any Purified Gem that was clicked on, but did not apply in the event will automatically go back into the Trainer’s Item Bag. A generous explanation, really.

Poke AK also says that he is so disappointed in how Niantic is handling everything, given that they have a good game on their hands, but choose to put their attention to other not-so-important games from their line-up. We all agree with Poke AK on this one. Niantic really needs to fix the problem with Purified Gems before Shadow Mewtwo comes and smacks us in our faces. Shadow Mewtwo is unbeatable without Purified Gems, especially if this Pokemon appears in a not-so-populated area.

It almost is as if errors are a normal occurrence in Pokemon Go. Please fix the game and make it beautiful again.

Did you have the same problem? What happened?

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  1. The opposite actually – I attempted just one of these raids at Level 3, it seemed easy enough, but when I used the Shadow Gem half way through the Pokémon’s health bar – still with 120 seconds on the clock – it actually made the Shadow Pokémon stronger and the health bar barely went down afterwards. All this for a Shadow Pokémon that you can easily catch by defeating a Grunt. A complete waste of time and I won’t bother trying one again.

  2. Unfortunately me, my son and a family of 4 had the idea that we could beat it. We came very close, but without the gems properly working, there was no way. Hopefully it’s fixed by tomorrow so us and kids won’t be wasting our time.

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