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Pokemon Go Web Store Proves the Game is Too Expensive Compared to Every Other Pokemon Video Game

Well, well, well. What we were afraid of the most happened – the Pokemon Go Web Store. Yes, there is another way Niantic wants us to overpay items.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are opening a Pokemon Go Web Store where Trainers can buy “limited-time offers” for Pokemon Go. This includes bundles and other items needed in Pokemon Go.

At the moment of writing, the Pokemon Go Web Store is available to selected regions. Niantic stated that they will be expanding worldwide soon. Not so sure we are thrilled about that though.

Initial reactions from Trainers are what we expected: disappointment. Many say this is a cash grab and this is way too expensive for the Pokemon Go community. This adds up to the notion of Pokemon Go being a game more expensive than the games currently on the market. The Pokemon Go Web Store is part of the “bombastic new features coming in 2023.”

What is baffling is the “bundles” that are supposed to be a great deal, are way overpriced. These so-called bundles are not even that good, so they are not worth spending money on. Instead of working on making Pokemon Go better, Niantic adds a feature nobody asks for.

There are many reactions from Trainers, and here are some of them:


“More overpriced things, so exciting”

“They’re trying too hard to come back from the loss of money due to remote raid passes going up, it’s hilarious”

“So glad you’re focused on ways to completely unnecessarily charge your players instead of responding to actual concerns your player base is loudly speaking about”

What are your thoughts about the new Pokemon Go Web Store and the current prices? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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Dejan Kacurov

Hello everyone! My name is Dejan, but you can call me Mr.D. I enjoy all video games, especially Apex Legends, Pokemon Go, and Spider-Man. A husband and father of two who also goes to the gym often and does Crossfit. I got inspiration for gaming exactly 8 years ago, and I've been writing gaming news for 7 years. I hope that you will find all the answers to your questions regarding gaming on our site. Stay healthy, and love each other!


  1. Personally love it. The entitled freemium generation needs to realize game companies need revenue. Why would they devote time and resources to a game with no way to recoup those losses? gAmERs these days expect every game to be free to play, no subscriptions, and no microtansactions. If a $5 box is too expensive for you, don’t buy it. Or get a better job. I will, though.

    1. Comical!!! Generally comical comment. So the drama isn’t the fact players need spend money. The Drama is the game doesn’t provide us with enough to do. It’s stale and slowly becoming more and more monotonous. Events feel like your average day’s. You get special research and 9/10 times the rewards are trivial at best. Why would I want to spend time completing it all for 3 hyper potions when chances are ill get over that from daily gifts?
      The game is supposed to get you out of the house yes, but currently why? I’ve played full time for a year and I’ve basically filled all my pokedex. Just working on a few more shadows and shinies. What then? That’s a year. What about the people playing since launch? Raids were a thing to have fun with, and now they’ve made them seem like hassle simply by stopping us from doing them remotely. Christ… the majority of players will probably be 20+ in age. We have jobs and home lifes. Sometimes a quick remote is the best we can get. Plus it was constant revenue.
      Finally, let’s talk revenue. Anyone with half a braincells should know companies need to pay their employees so there always has to be a paid option. That being said, when you have a dead game with stale gameplay, no significant change to the game in the last 5 years, minimal interaction with the community, a shiny system which is incomplete and everything is basically green, restrictions in trading, raiding and collecting, then why would anyone want to spend money on that game? NIANTIC aren’t trying to claw money back for their Pokemon Go team. This is due to their other failed investments with new game launches. Their latest game is a blunder and the only game they have with a significant enough player base is Pokemon Go. They have introduced a few new ways to spend our paychecks and given us what in return? Shadow raids? So I can now catch shadow pokemon? Oh wait… we could already do that? See my point? I agree with your initial point. Games need revenue to survive, but you’re incredibly either misinformed or undereducated on the full details of this debate.

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