Ranked Matchmaking is Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build in v24.40

Exciting news for Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build players. A brand new Ranked matchmaking system is being introduced in the v24.40 update. Players have been leveling up in Fortnite for a while, and now they will have the chance to rank up too.

In this system, players can enable Ranked mode and work their way up through various ranks, starting from Bronze and going all the way up to Unreal. The system spans across:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Unreal

The first five ranks will be divided into three sub-ranks, while Elite, Champion, and Unreal will consist of a single rank each.

The debut of Ranked in v24.40 will mark the start of Ranked Season Zero, which will last until the end of Battle Royale Chapter 4, Season 3. This period will be used for adjustments and improvements before Ranked falls in line with the normal Battle Royale Season schedule.

Players’ starting ranks in Season Zero will be determined based on their past match performance and their performance in their first Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Zero Build match. Once players reach the Unreal rank, they will stay in that rank for the rest of the season, regardless of future performance.

Players’ progress to the next rank or potentially falling back to the previous one will be determined by their match placement, the number of eliminations they or their team achieved, and the ranks of the eliminated players. Teams will be treated as a single unit, with all team members gaining or losing progress equally.

While Ranked matches will include all the loot and gameplay features present in traditional Battle Royale and Zero Build, a few balance changes will be introduced in the v24.40 update. Material caps will be decreased from 999 to 500, harvesting rates will be slightly increased, and players will drop 50 of each material upon elimination.


Playing in Ranked matches will also come with in-game rewards. Players will receive a Ranked Urgent Quest every match, and by completing these quests, they can unlock Seasonal cosmetic rewards. The final cosmetic reward of Season Zero will be the Burn Bright Emote, which shows off the player’s current rank color.

With the addition of Ranked, Arena will be discontinued in v24.40. In the next Battle Royale Season, your rank will, among other factors, be an eligibility requirement for Epic-hosted tournaments.

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