Saints Row to Expand its Reach by Heading to Steam

After a Year of Epic Games Store Exclusivity, Saints Row is Likely Making its Way to Steam.

Since its launch last August, Saints Row has been a PC exclusive on the Epic Games Store. However, recent updates suggest that the popular open-world action-adventure game may soon expand its reach by heading to Valve’s Steam platform. The move could result from a timed exclusivity window, seemingly drawing to a close.

The first indication of Saints Row’s potential arrival on Steam was renaming the SteamDB page for Project Athena to Saints Row. This page has existed since 2017, and the recent change points to the possibility that the game could come to Steam shortly.

Many games are initially released as exclusives on specific platforms, often for a limited time. In Saints Row’s case, the Epic Games Store exclusivity period might have been around a year. With that window potentially closing, the game may soon become available on Steam, broadening its reach and accessibility to gamers.

The arrival of Saints Row on Steam would be a significant move. The move to one of the most extensive digital distribution services for PC gaming would make the game and its sequels more accessible, potentially boosting sales and engagement. Gamers can look forward to enjoying the series’ signature blend of over-the-top action, humor, and open-world exploration on a widely-used platform.

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