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SCUM: Hell’s Kitchen 0.8.500.67830 Patch Notes

SCUM, the relentlessly challenging survival game developed by Gamepires, has just released a colossal update that significantly evolves the playing field. As survival game enthusiasts, we’re eager to dive into the changes and share them with our readers. The H***’s Kitchen 0.8.500.67830 update, as it’s been named, delivers substantial reworks and additions to core gameplay aspects, taking the survival challenge to an entirely new level.

This update is particularly notable for its sweeping changes to the loot and hunting mechanics, as well as the introduction of a comprehensive cooking system. The inclusion of electricity and gas as new energy sources demonstrates the developers’ commitment to creating a more immersive and realistic survival experience. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

SCUM 0.8.500.67830 Patch Notes

Before that a note: It is no secret that we had to do a soft wipe for this update with the amount of reworks placed. With soft wipes usually gold is left alone and is one of the main purposes for it. Unfortunately we saw a lot of gold being bought due to exploits since the last wipe and decided that gold will be wiped this time as well. It is unfortunate that the legit players got affected by this as well. If we did not, those that did would have too much of an advantage on servers over others that such a decision had to be made.

Loot rework is finally here and it is heft. In the backend, our level designers went and reworked each and every spawner for the rework so you will see loot that makes much more sense. Looting will now be a much more pleasant experience and more important. One of the bigger changes you will notice is that loot no longer resets on server restart. That’s right, you can no longer just camp inside the bunker waiting for a restart, get out there you lazy bum. We also have preparations for private servers to have more control over loot on their servers with what will be able to spawn and such, unfortunately it’s not quite ready yet but will be through a smaller update in the coming days.

That’s right a 2nd rework! Won’t be the last one as well. But for now, let’s focus on hunting. It has been completely revamped and will require a lot more skill to hunt that big, or small game. So get your hunting rifles, your fuzzy wool hats, and some beers, because we know no one hunts sober. And listen up.

The hunt will start as soon as you hear an animal noise somewhere. Depending on the animal the noise will be different but it will always point you in the direction where you need to move. Search the area in focus mode and you will be able to find your first clue.

Congratulations! You found your first clue! Now go up to it and you can interact to get a hint about where the animal went.

Follow that direction and the audio hints from the animal to find the second track. You will have to do this a couple of more times. Just follow the clues and then you will see it. Foo… a majestic beast in all its glory.

Don’t take too much time though, if you wait too long between clues the animal will get away and you will become a vegetarian. And you will need that meat.

This one is a big one. Finally, after all this time, the cooking rework has landed in SCUM. We worked hard on this and can’t wait to show you what’s in store. Before we had some simple yet confusing dishes in the crafting menu that we did not have as much control of as we would like. For example there was no way to determine what is an optional ingredient and what is not. And it was not that interesting. So how do we cook? Well, chefs here it is:

To start off you will need a heat source of course. Thankfully we have plenty to choose from. You already know the fire ring and improvised fireplace, more on those as well below, yet we have added some more!


Portable gas stove



Portable electric stove

As you can see you now have portable sources of heat, and also you can see they are gas and electric. That’s right, there is nothing for free so you will need to have a power source for them. So let’s take a segment of explaining the new electricity and gas system feature!

Gas & electricity.

We implemented 2 new energy sources electricity and gas. So let’s start with gas. For gas, you will need a brand new item to transport it and use it: the gas tank.

Once you have a gas tank you can fill it up at one of the gas stations that has a big gas tank.

And when needed for let’s say connecting to the stove you just put it near. The tank will have a radius around it to show what it can connect to so that you can see if you hold F on the tank.

Anything inside this radius is considered already connected.

The portable gas stove can also be filled with gas by itself.

Now for the generators.


Medium electric generator



Small electric generator

They work in a similar fashion as gas tanks considering radius with a little difference. They are petrol powered so you will need to feed it that black gold. Once it has its own power source you can turn it on and use any appliances in the radius as long as you have power. The difference is it will consume fuel as long as it is turned on, no matter if you have appliances connected to it or not. For now, you can connect them to:

  • Prefab ovens.
  • Electric stoves.
  • Refrigerators.

Yes, you read the last one right fridges are now a thing and quite important. There are 2 in the game. One you already know, the prefab refrigerator you will find in houses and a new portable one.

They are amazingly useful for storing food because as long as you have food/drinks in a fridge it will completely stop decay on all of them. Just make sure you turn both the generator AND the fridge on.

Alright now that you understand how to turn your stoves on let’s get back to cooking. So how do we cook? The first thing you need is a cookbook. After all, what is a cook without a good recipe?

There are multiple cookbooks available each with its own type of recipes available, from stews to casseroles. To become a master chef you will need to collect them all. When you have your cookbook you can open up a new tab in the TAB menu called cooking where all known recipes will be listed and see what ingredients you need.

So gather your ingredients and needed utilities (depending on the recipe pot or pan) and let’s get cooking. In this example, we are going to be cooking goulash. So we connected the gas tank to the stove and we need to put a pot on one of the rings. Different heat sources have a different number of available slots for cooking. So a prefab stove can cook 4 dishes at once and one extra in the oven while a portable one can only cook 1 or 2 at a time. For the goulash, we will need a pot as well.

So we have all of it we slotted the pot on one of the rings and interacted with the pot to start cooking. Cooking menu will open and we will drag and drop the ingredients to the required slots and add some optional as well. Mandatory ingredients have a green indicator on them while optional ones are blue.

Once everything is set we can press the cook icon and the stove will turn on and start cooking.

You will see a timer going off and the time it takes to get the perfect meal. The time shown is in-game time. Now you wait and are free to do other things while it cooks. After a while, the progress bar will turn green.

This means it is ready to eat but if you turn it off prematurely you will get a meal of poorer quality. Once you are done you can press the icon to stop cooking and voila your goulash is ready.

All the ingredients used have a part to play in the nutritional value of the meal, so the more optional ingredients you add the more nutrients your meal will have. And it will help you recover your exhaustion faster.

The rest we will leave to you to explore and play around with.

Oh and those fire rings we mentioned, there are some changes with cooking them as well. You now have 2 items that go along with them in order to cook.

The old improvised grill you are familiar but now it has been reworked and we have a new proper grill.
You can place them over the fire and grill whatever is available on them. The improvised only has 1 slot for grilling while the proper one has 2 and is a lot more durable.

Hey kids, do you like mechs? Yes, but you want them bigger, stronger, and with more weapons to torture you with? Well, say no more folks we are here to deliver! Enter mechs 2.0

It has a dual machine gun, it has grenade launchers with flashbang, CS gas, AND HE capabilities. Oh and for you pesky little meatbags that think about taking it on from range it even has a nice surprise for you as well if you p*** it off enough,

Yes, this new threat will surely make you think twice before you start pissing it off. But don’t worry it won’t use all of its weapons on you immediately for it has some, although very limited, mercy protocols. Depending on your compliance and aggression level towards it, it will gradually increase the number of weapons deployed against you. So behave yourself children! What’s that? You want to be naughty? You actually want to take on the beast? Oh well here are some new toys then.

Yes, you asked for them, a lot. And they are finally here. The big boom sticks. We added not 1 but 3 of them!

We have the AT4 in HEAT and HEDP variants.

And the RPG-7 with the HEAT and FRAG rocket variants. Many of you already know what they are and how they work but for you rookies out there here is a short description.

RPG – 7 is a Soviet made, man-portable, multi-shot, shoulder fired rocket propelled grenade launcher. Widely produced in many variants it is the most famous rocket launcher around the world. It fires a 40mm rocket propelled warhead. Warheads come in multiple sizes and purposes making the RPG a versatile weapon that has been time tested and field proven for generations.

AT-4 is a single-shot 84mm shoulder fired recoilless launcher. It is a modern solution for a light disposable man-portable anti armored and anti fortifications launcher. It is effective against light armored vehicles but will be useless against any heavy armor/fortifications.

  • High-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead carries a shaped charge explosive meant to penetrate heavier armor but is less effective in a wide area.
  • The High Explosive Dual-Purpose (HEDP) warhead combines armor penetration ability with fragmentation effect for dealing damage to softer targets in a wide area.
  • FRAG is a fragmentation warhead used for anti personnel in wide areas, building clearing, or general soft target purposes.

As you can see there are many toys you can play with and there are some nuances among them.

AT4 is a single-shot launcher. That means it can fire only once and it is to be discarded after. Before firing make sure you ready the launcher first.

RPG is a multi-shot launcher. So you can reload new warheads into it. The PG variant is HEAT and the OG variant is FRAG.

So you can kill sentries now, but why would you? After all, you need less gear and less hassle just to sneak around to get in. Well, you can now also loot sentry wrecks, and they have some high-value loot. You will find some nice grenades, a bit of C4, and 2 new items!

The BCU lock.


It is here, another layer of protection. The BCU lock is a new gadget you can place on your door or wardrobe. It then connects to each of your squad members BCU and can only be opened by someone that has that BCU. You can still add normal locks as well so the intruder can only lockpick them if they own your BCU.

Tear gas grenade.


You’ve been teargassed fighting it, so it only makes sense you can teargas others as a prize. Teargas grenades can now be deployed. Have that pesky building camper inside that won’t come out. Gas him out. Someone is waiting for you to exit a room before he will blast you in the face? Gas him out. Experiment, what can go wrong?

Expanding on the nuclear update we have finally finished the intended POI so east of the powerplant you will find the abandoned city of Krsko. Prepare your hazmat suits and venture forward if you dare to one of the most atmospheric POIs with tons to explore and dangers that await.




Here are some teaser shots but the rest we will leave to you.

Another of the highly requested feature is making its landing, but first a message from our programmer about fatigue! It’s important.

Exhaustion (Accumulated Fatigue Rework)


Accumulated Fatigue has been reworked into a body condition named “Exhaustion”. Instead of immediately lowering your max stamina as you get exhausted, this body condition will have a buffer.
The C1 severity of this body condition will act as this buffer.
This means that your max stamina will not lower until the Exhaustion body effect has reached C2 severity.
Just as before, exhaustion can be temporarily lowered by drinking energy drinks or permanently lowered by eating good food, resting, and smoking.

Ok now that we have that out of the way…

You are now free to poison yourself through cigarettes in the game. That’s right, after all this time those packs of cigarettes you’ve been founding around have their usage now.

So you want to look cool and poison yourself. Here is the tutorial. First, you need a pack and a lighter. Take out a cigarette. Make sure it is dry.

And light it.

And there you go you are now smoking. The cigarette will enter your clothing inventory and act as a mask while being smoked and you are free to do what you want while smoking. The cigarette will also help with exhaustion recovery depending on what pack it is. Classics are weaker so they recover less while Lucky stars are stronger and recover more.

But don’t think you can just do that without consequences. You’re liable to suffer from Nicotine poisoning if you try to smoke too much. Nicotine poisoning has 2 stages.

  • C1 – Symptoms: Dizziness, Disorientation
  • C2- Symptoms: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Weakness

There is no cure (other than Phoenix tears). The only way to get rid of it is to stop smoking, so stop get some help.

Cigarettes are not the only thing that can be smoked though. Yes, it’s here you can stop asking. You can now farm Cannabis. RP players rejoice!

As for how to farm them you can check that out in the farming patch notes so I don’t have to repeat myself.

When you managed to get a plant that will give you buds, all you need is some paper. You know paper, that item you littered the server with every time you found an ammo box or a diary. Then you just select one, select the other and roll it up. Voila, you have now committed a crime, but you’re already on a prison island so do not think someone would care that much.

But again everything has consequences so does Cannabinoid Poisoning:

  • C1 – Symptoms: Disorientation, Bloodshot eyes.
  • C2 – Symptoms: Bloodshot eyes intensity increases.
  • C3 – Symptoms: Diarrhea, Dizziness, Heightened senses.
  • C4 – Symptoms: Heightened senses intensity increases, vomiting.

Again there is no cure for it (other than Phoenix tears). The only way to get rid of it is to stop smoking, so stop get some help.

2 new symptoms there for those of you with keen eyes so let’s explain those a little bit:

Heightened Senses

Increases the intensity your character sees the world around him and perceives colors.

Bloodshot eyes.

Gives you the effect of bloodshot eyes. Visually you will see your capillaries pulsing red around your screen.

There you go, you now know everything you need to become a hooligan.

We dropped another weapon for you all. It’s been teased and now it is here. The .22 Krueger.

Small caliber, light, and compact, this hunting pistol will be your new toy to hunt around with or run around and givie other players a limp.

There is a big change in the way server settings work now as well. You no longer have to mess around with files and provider overlays for them. All settings can now easily be accessed and tweaked in-game in the menu. Simply connect to your server or Single player game and open the menu. You will see a new option called SERVER SETTINGS.

And from here you can edit whatever you wish.

As you can see it is all nice and tight here. On separate tabs, you can access every option available. Do note though, settings marked with a * still require a restart before it is active, for single player just simply back out into main menu and continue.

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