Silent Hill: Ascension Unveils Interactive Trailer, Set for Late 2023 Release

Silent Hill, a franchise synonymous with psychological horror gaming, is evolving in a revolutionary new format. Silent Hill: Ascension, the forthcoming series from Genvid Entertainment, is an innovative interactive streaming venture that beckons viewers to influence the narrative in real-time directly. The recently released trailer, embedded above, provides a fascinating peek into Ascension’s stunning visual style and story hints.

Unlike a traditional game, Ascension operates as a live-streaming interactive series. According to Genvid Entertainment, this setup leverages a real-time interactive system that enables millions of people to help characters survive and change those characters’ fates. The new series is set to kick off later this year and promises to offer “daily can’t-miss live story moments where each day is different than the last based on audience actions“.

Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid Entertainment, has high hopes for the project, stating, “Silent Hill: Ascension ‎will captivate audiences with its immersive experience, spotlighting stunning visuals and live community-driven moments, all while exploring the psychological horror that has made the Silent Hill series so beloved by fans worldwide.” Navok’s statement points out a distinctive aspect of this series. For the first time in Silent Hill history, the collective audience can alter the story and decide critical outcomes for the intricate, evolving characters.

Ascension is one of several Silent Hill projects currently in the pipeline. The Medium developer, Bloober Team, is reportedly nearing completion on a remake of Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill: Ascension is poised to elevate the beloved franchise to a new level of engagement, interactivity, and terror. As the release date approaches, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the opportunity to step into this new vision of Silent Hill.

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